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Class R4 Rapid Setting Structural Repair Mortar (EN1504-03, DWI 31, WRAS, BBA) Overview Fastfill is a rapid setting, Portland cement-based structural mortar for the durable repair of concrete which cannot be taken out of service for long periods, or in areas subjected to heavy wear such as roads, runways, bridges, decks, floors and footpaths. Fastfill can be… Read more

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Concrete Repairs for 1970s Seaside Wall in Devon

Repair & Protection of 300m Long Concrete Sea Wall Background Dawlish Warren is a popular seaside holiday resort at the mouth of the Exe Estuary in South Devon. It has a 500 acre Nature Reserve and a Blue Flag sand-dune backed beach. Dawlish Sea Wall is approximately 300m long and dates back to the 1970’s. Based in a… Read more

Concrete Reinstatement to Rail Freight Handling Facility in Birmingham

Rail freight handling facility refurbishment, including concrete reinstatement of pavements, drainage channels and level crossings. Background Hams Hall is the UK’s busiest inland rail freight container terminal and operational capacity has trebled in recent years. Located eight miles outside Birmingham, it is based on a 27 acre site adjacent to the Nuneaton-to-Birmingham railway line and… Read more

Concrete Repairs to Haweswater Aqueduct Cumbria

Fast Setting Repairs to Concrete Sections of Lined Tunnels Background Haweswater Aqueduct supplies drinking water to around two million homes across South Cumbria, Central Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Comprising one of the UK’s largest and most important water pipes, the aqueduct is 110km long and hundreds of feet below ground level in parts. Considered an example… Read more

Waterproofing of Brickwork at Bolton School in Lancashire

Waterproofing of brickwork to provide a full tanking system. Background With almost 2,400 pupils, Bolton School is one of the largest independent day schools in the country. It also counts as one of the oldest schools in Lancashire, with a history stretching back 500 years. Set in 32 acres of impressive grounds, Bolton School provides… Read more

Concrete Floor Repairs to Ramps Suffering from Freeze-Thaw Attack

Slip-Resistant Concrete Floor Repairs to Station’s Passenger Ramp Background Eaglescliffe Railway Station serves Eaglescliffe town in Stockton-on-Tees. Located on the Tees Valley Line at the junction with the Northallerton-Eaglescliffe Line, it was first opened in 1853 and originally had four platforms, but the western pair were taken out of use in the late 1960’s and subsequently… Read more

Chemical Resistant Concrete Coatings Protect New Concrete Bunds

Chemical resistant protection of new concrete bunds. Background Sutton Hall Water Treatment Works in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, serves a population of 0.5 million people on the Wirral Peninsula. Raw water is extracted from the River Dee and pumped up to the reservoir on the Sutton Hall site. This water is then processed through a gravity… Read more

Cementitious Flooring System Protects Helipad in Extreme Conditions

Protection of 450m² Helipad. Background Rega is a Swiss Air-Rescue service which comes to the aid of people in distress, providing medical assistance by air. A privately run, not-for-profit organisation funded by almost 2.5 million patrons, Rega organised almost 14,000 rescue missions in 2012, primarily dealing with winter sport, road, occupational and Alpine accidents. Rega’s… Read more

Concrete Repairs to Columns, Beams, Walls & Tank Floors

Concrete Repairs to Upgrade Wastewater Treatment Works Background As part of a £114 million sewer improvement scheme for United Utilities, 3.5km of tunnelling was created 30m beneath Preston city centre. A complex network of interceptor sewers, stormwater storage tunnels, rising mains and 13 access shafts was created to upgrade the city’s aged sewer system and… Read more

Concrete Repair & Protection of Malting Plant

Repair & Protection of Reinforced Concrete Beams, Columns, Walls & Ceilings Background The Crisp Malting Group is the UK’s leading privately owned maltster, selling malted cereals to the world’s top brewers, distillers and food producers. The Group operates a total of five malting plants, including Mistley Maltings which is located on the Stour Estuary near to… Read more

Fastfill High-Strength Mortar Chosen for Sewage Treatment Works

Refurbishment and re-lining of process facilities for the dirty water industry. Background Anglian Water have an ongoing requirement to maintain the many sumps and syphons which service their sewage treatment works around the region. The traditional method of upgrading has been to install a precast concrete base unit before backfilling and grouting. To achieve a… Read more

Concrete Repairs to Spalled & Delaminated Areas on Motorway Bridges

Repairs to Concrete Elements of Motorway Bridges Background In 2007 Aone+, a joint venture comprising Halcrow, Colas and Costain, was appointed by the Highways Agency as Managing Agent Contractor for Area 10 – one of the largest and busiest road networks in the UK. Located in the North West of England and carrying the highest… Read more

Concrete Repair and Waterproofing Solution for Thirlmere Aqueduct

Repair and waterproofing of masonry and concrete aqueduct. Background The 134km long Thirlmere Aqueduct was commissioned in 1894 and supplies up to 250,000m³ of raw water a day from the Thirlmere Reservoir in the English Lake District to the Lostock WTW, to satisfy the needs of over 1million people in the Manchester area. Its most… Read more

Concrete Waterproofing at Portsmouth Revetments

Waterproof pointing of concrete block joints on revetment walls. Background The main A27 trunk road near Portsmouth runs adjacent to revetment walls which form the boundary to Farlington Marshes on the northern shore of Langstone Harbour. Home to many bird populations, Farlington is a blaze of colour in spring and summer with many flowers and butterflies. The joints… Read more

Concrete Cover Reinstatement on Bridge Deck

Protection of Exposed Reinforcement & Reinstatement of Concrete Cover to M40 Bridge Deck Background When planing the concrete bridge deck at Junction 4 of the M40 in preparation for the application of a waterproof membrane, too much of the concrete cover was removed. In some areas, the steel reinforcement was also exposed. Emergency repairs were required to… Read more

Anti-Carbonation Protection for Busy London Hotel

4,415m² of Aggregate Concrete Panels & Columns Repaired & Protected from Carbonation Background Occupying a prominent position adjacent to the Hammersmith Flyover on the main route to central London from Heathrow Airport, the Novotel London West required external refurbishment to prevent further damage from carbonation and to improve aesthetics. Built in the early 1970’s by Cunard, this… Read more

Fastfill Repair Mortar Chosen to Restore Rhyl Coastal Steps in North Wales

Repair of coastal steps eroded through tidal action and chloride attack. Background Much of the town of Rhyl in North Wales is located below high tide level, so it is critical that coastal structures are well maintained. This is not only to avoid the risk of flooding, but also to ensure the safety of the many holidaymakers who… Read more

Rapid Reinstatement of Concrete Floors at Waste Treatment Facility

Rapid reinstatement of concrete floors in demanding service conditions. Background £125m was invested in this ultra-modern facility where up to 45% of Lancashire’s waste is treated in an internal processing environment to prevent noise and odour escaping. Within one year of opening, the concrete floors have suffered extensive physical damage. This is caused by the abrasive action of… Read more

Reinstatement of Concrete Tram Rail Base

Reinstatement of Sealing of Tram Rails Background Manchester’s Metrolink was Britain’s first modern street-running tramway when it opened in April 1992. Due to excessive wear, the concrete base of the tramway exiting from Victoria Station had been replaced. Grooves were saw-cut to allow for the installation of new rails. However, rainwater and surface water had… Read more

Refurbishment & Repointing of Concrete Weir

Concrete Refurbishment of Weir to Modify Profile & Ease Passage of Fish Background Situated beneath Bridge 106, which carries the West Coast main railway line over the River Lune, this concrete weir, constructed in 1979, is composed of a concrete, two tier slab spanning between the bridge abutments. Exposed concrete surfaces needed refurbishment to make good the effects… Read more

Repairing Reinforced Concrete Slabs at Satakunta Air Command in Finland

Repair and freeze thaw protection to 15,300m² fibre reinforced concrete slabs at NATO airbase. Background With responsibility for the airspace of South West Finland, the Satakunta Air Command needs to keep operational, so an Apron out of action was out of the question. Due to aggressive aviation fuel and hydraulic fluid deposits, together with the… Read more

Concrete Floor Repairs & Resurfacing at Locomotive Depot

Abrasion, Chemical & Slip Resistant Resurfacing to Badly Worn Concrete Floor Background Crown Point was originally known as an area of Norwich but is now associated with the Crown Point Maintenance Depot operated by National Express. Originally a siding used by travelling circuses to load and unload animals and scenery away from the public eye,… Read more

Fastfill Mortar Chosen to Protect Stone Faced Pier

Re-pointing and stabilisation of stone faced pier in a tidal zone. Background Hartlepool’s North Pier is a mass gravity structure faced with stone that was built in the early part of the 19th century. A survey of the coastline had revealed that rising sea levels and the continual pounding of waves from the North Sea had left some… Read more

Concrete Waterproofing & Protection on Water Intake Passages

Waterproofing & Protection of Water Intake Passages Suffering from ASR (Alkali-Silica Reaction) Background Mactaquac Dam is part of a hydroelectric plant on the Saint John River in the Canadian province of New Brunswick operated by NB Power Corporation. It has a capacity of 672 megawatts with 6 turbines generating 20% of New Brunswick’s power. Building started in… Read more

Waterproofing System for Concrete Roof at King’s Cross Station

Waterproofing of reinforced concrete roof over a plant room. Background Opened in 1852, King’s Cross Station now handles 47 million passengers a year and is famous as the departure point for the Hogworts’ Express in the Harry Potter films. To prepare for the 2012 Olympics, £400m has been allocated for upgrading, with the Eastern Range being converted into offices… Read more

Flexcete’s Repair Mortars Chosen For Wigan Waste Water Treatment Works

Repair of concrete storm water overflow & settlement tanks. Background Wigan WWTW, situated near to the River Douglas in Lancashire, is one of the largest treatment works in the North West, but United Utilities wished to increase the capacity of the works and reduce overflow into the river. Designed by GHA Livigunn, the improvements included… Read more

Concrete Protection at Wastewater Treatment Works in Florida

Reinstatement and protection of concrete clarifiers from waste water. Background The city of Dunedin’s Wastewater Treatment facility processes over 6 million gallons of wastewater each day, and was experiencing severe degradation of the concrete within its two clarifiers. The concrete was made using limestone aggregate, which was being severely eroded by the acids in the… Read more

Concrete Repairs to Leaking Cooling Tower in Florida

Rapid Concrete Repairs & Waterproofing of Cooling Tower Basin Background WindMark Beach is a 2,020 acre residential and resort community in the historic town of Port St Joe located in Northwest Florida, which has been carefully designed to compliment and respond to its coastal environment and over 1,000 acres of the community are placed in… Read more

Repair Mortar Reinstates Potholes and Worn Areas on Golden Gate Bridge

Rapid reinstatement of potholes and worn areas to concrete deck by toll booths. Background Acclaimed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the 6 lane bridge was opened by President Franklin D Roosevelt in 1937.  The only route to San Francisco from Marin County, this 1.7 mile structure now transports over 100,000… Read more

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The Need to Maintain & Refurbish Water Assets

Chris Lloyd and Graham James of Flexcrete Technologies give detail of the introduction of AMP6, and the need to maintain and refurbish structures within the water industry. The water industry continues to face major challenges with regard to factors such as managing environmental impact, meeting affordability targets and maintaining assets. In order to operate within… Read more

Concrete Repairs and Decorative Protection at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

A range of Flexcrete products has been used to restore Boathouse 4, an iconic building within Portsmouth Historic Dockyard which was constructed during the 1930’s rearmament period. It forms part of the UK’s maritime heritage and was used during World War II to construct the three man midget X-Craft submarine. In 2014, Portsmouth Naval Base… Read more

Sub-Zero Solutions for Concrete Floor Repair

It is often difficult to carry out repairs to the concrete floors or decks of highways and trafficked industrial areas due to demanding service conditions and limited time constraints, but it is particularly challenging when repairs are carried out during the winter period. Cold temperatures can prevent repair materials from curing and developing physical strength, which can be… Read more

Concrete Floor Repairs and Flooring Solutions in the Rail Sector

Flooring surfaces in today’s railways are subject to heavy demands, and many were simply not designed to withstand the current footfall, impact and abrasion. Chris Lloyd demonstrates how innovative solutions for enhancing concrete floors in refurbishments and new builds can make all the difference to durability and safety. There are many signs that concrete floor… Read more

Rapid Concrete Repairs for Little Bridge

One of our fast setting concrete repair mortars has been chosen for the repair of deck waterproofing on Tonbridge’s Little Bridge due to its ability to allow the structure to rapidly return to normal service. The Little Bridge is located in Tonbridge, a market town in Kent some four miles from Tunbridge Wells. Situated in the… Read more

Flexcrete Product Plays Starring Role in BBC Documentary

One of Flexcrete’s products played a starring role in last night’s episode of ‘Watermen: A Dirty Business’, a BBC documentary series which follows workers from United Utilities, one of Britain’s biggest water companies. Fastfill, a rapid setting, structural repair mortar, appeared on TV screens all around the country when workers were filmed carrying out repairs… Read more

Flexcrete System Selected for Distinguished Lancashire School

One of the largest independent day schools in the UK has specified a range of Flexcrete products in order to waterproof internal brickwork walls and provide years’ of effective protection against water ingress. Products from Flexcrete Technologies Limited, the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of technical mortars and high performance coatings, have been used at Bolton… Read more

Fast Setting Cementitious Coating Protects Cheshire Water Treatment Works

A state-of-the-art cementitious coating manufactured by Flexcrete Technologies has been chosen for application to new concrete bunds at a Water Treatment Works in Cheshire due to its suitability for fast track construction. Cemprotec E942, a waterborne, epoxy and polymer modified cementitious coating, was specified for application at Sutton Hall Water Treatment Works in Ellesmere Port,… Read more

Superior Protection of Concrete Floors in Sub-Zero Conditions

  Coating an external floor or deck can be demanding, but when it has to withstand snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures and both abrasion and impact damage from incoming helicopters, a very special solution is sought. This was the case for a challenging project at Locarno Airport in Switzerland for Rega, the Swiss Air-Rescue Service which… Read more

Damage into the Mist at Malting Plant

Flexcrete has provided a complete repair and protection solution for the Crisp Malting Group – the UK’s leading privately owned maltster which sells malted cereals to the world’s top brewers, distillers and food producers. Repairs were carried out at Mistley Maltings, one of the company’s five malting plants. The plant is operational 24 hours a… Read more

Flexcrete’s Products are CPR Compliant

Declaration of Performance (DoP) The construction industry has recently undergone the most significant change for a decade in the way in which construction products are sold throughout Europe. From 1 July 2013, under the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR), it is mandatory for manufacturers to apply CE marking to any of their products which are… Read more

Fast Lane Concrete Repair Solution for Motorway Bridges

In 2007 Aone+, a joint venture comprising Halcrow, Colas and Costain, was appointed by the Highways Agency as Managing Agent Contractor for Area 10 – one of the largest and busiest road networks in the UK. Located in the North West of England and carrying the highest volumes of traffic outside London, it comprises some… Read more

Coasting to a Concrete Repair Solution for Rhyl

Over 9 tonnes of Flexcrete’s Fastfill concrete repair mortar has been used to reinstate concrete steps on a stretch of beach between Rhyl and Prestatyn in North Wales. The steps lead from the promenade onto the beach and as a result of chloride attack and tidal action over a sustained period of time, the concrete had… Read more