Class R1 Colour Matched Rapid Cosmetic Repairs


Unimatch is used for rapid cosmetic repairs to in-situ and precast concrete. It is especially suitable for repairs which need to be matched to the parent concrete to provide a high aesthetic finish.

Unimatch is a single component, cosmetic grade concrete repair mortar, based on the latest polymer cement technology, which is suitable for the repair of damaged, honeycombed or spalled concrete. It is highly waterproof and exhibits good build characteristics. It can be used in vertical, overhead and other difficult areas of repair without the use of primers, special lightweight aggregates or support.

Colour and texture match is easily achieved by mixing grades of Grey and White at different ratios using trial mixes. If necessary, coloured aggregates can also be blended in, as well as concrete pigments.


  • Pre-packaged material requiring mixing with clean water on-site. No special primers are necessary
  • Supplied in Grey and White grades which can be blended easily for perfect colour match. Coloured aggregates can also be blended in, as well as concrete pigments if necessary
  • Physical properties of cured materials similar to base concrete
  • Low shrinkage and high bond strength ensure monolithic performance of the repair
  • Polymer modified to enhance adhesion with low permeability giving excellent protection from acid gases, moisture ingress and chlorides
  • Rapid strength development, achieving over 9 MPa in 2 hours
  • Very low alkali content ensures low hazard in use and negligible risk of alkali silica reactions. Chloride-free.


CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1504 Part 3.

Specification Clause

The repair mortar shall be a single component, cosmetic grade repair mortar, incorporating polymer technology. It shall be CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1504-3 Class R1, and comply with the following performance specification:

  • Suitable for use in vertical and overhead areas without the need for primers, special lightweight aggregates or support
  • Compressive strength at 20°C of at least 9 MPa in 2 hours and 41.5 MPa in 28 days
  • Flexural strength at 28 days (20°C & 65% R.H) of at least 10 MPa in accordance with BS 4551.
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