Concrete Repair and Protection

Concrete Repair Products Overview

Repair Mortars

Flexcrete offers an extensive range of engineering quality, waterproof concrete repair products including mortars for both structural and cosmetic repairs. Primers are not required and packs can be split and simply mixed with water. Our range includes Monomix mortars, easily applied up to 80mm in a single application, Fastfill which is designed to allow rapid return to service especially in heavily trafficked areas and our lightweight mortar Monolite.

Fairing Coats & Renders

For a decorative, protective finish our Monodex anti-carbonation coatings are water-based, environmentally friendly and available in a wide range of attractive colours. With a design life of 10-15 years before first maintenance, Monodex coatings provide years of protection against general weathering, carbonation and water ingress, yet allow damp substrates to breathe without blistering or delaminating. Our clear anti-carbonation coating, Monodex Clear, also demonstrates exceptional resistance to carbon dioxide diffusion.


Flexcrete’s versatile admixture products are specifically designed to enhance cementitious mixes in order to achieve improved mechanical characteristics with excellent resistance to oil, water and abrasion.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Flexcrete offers various anti-corrosion measures which can extend the lifespan of infrastructure and buildings. For example, our surface-applied corrosion inhibitors are specially formulated to migrate through concrete on existing structures to seek out and help protect the steel reinforcement.

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