Cementitious Self-Levelling Mortar for Concrete Floors


Cemprotec Levelling Coat is a two component, epoxy and polymer modified waterborne cementitious levelling screed designed to level out rough, tamped concrete prior to the application of a protective flooring system. It is designed to be used as a flowing screed prior to the application of Cemprotec E-Floor or Cemprotec E-Floor HB in applications where the concrete substrate is particularly uneven. Cemprotec Levelling Coat is also compatible with other flooring systems such as polyurethanes, alternative epoxy-based flooring systems or polyureas.

As Cemprotec Levelling Coat has a waterborne formulation, it cures without releasing hazardous solvents or odours during application and can be used in food manufacturing plants and other environments where it is important that any products produced are not tainted. One of the key features of Cemprotec Levelling Coat is that it is exceptionally rapid curing and develops high early strength, enabling early trafficking and rapid reintroduction of facilities into services. It can be overcoated within just 24 hours of application and can be applied up to 60mm thick in a single application.

Available in 30kg pack sizes, Cemprotec Levelling Coat is suitable for both internal and external applications and can be applied to any concrete floor or yard area, in particular uneven and tamped concrete. It is ideal for both level and sloping substrates and ramps and can also be used internally for localised patch repairs.

Other typical application areas include manufacturing plants, heavy industrial areas, helipads and other demanding areas. With excellent adhesion to both dry and damp concrete, Cemprotec Levelling Coat can be applied to floors with no effective waterproofing membrane without risk of osmotic blistering.


  • Able to level out very rough and uneven concrete surfaces. Suitable for use on both level and sloping substrates and ramps.
  • Can be applied at thicknesses ranging from 0-60mm in a single application and can be feather edged.
  • Excellent adhesion to dry or damp cementitious substrates.
  • Can be applied to concrete floors with no effective waterproofing membrane, without risk of osmotic blistering.
  • Waterborne product, curing without the release of hazardous solvents or heavy odour.
  • Exceptional waterproofing properties with low permeability to water, resisting 10 bar positive and negative pressure.
  • Rapid curing and hardening properties – can be overcoated within 24 hours.
  • Materials are pre-packaged in a convenient and easy to handle size, requiring only mixing on-site to give a mortar which can be rapidly applied by trowel or squeegee.


CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1504 Part 2.

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