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Cemprotec Levelling Coat

Cementitious Self-Levelling Mortar for Concrete Floors Overview Cemprotec Levelling Coat is a two component, epoxy and polymer modified waterborne cementitious levelling screed designed to level out rough, tamped concrete prior to the application of a protective flooring system. It is designed to be used as a flowing screed prior to the application of Cemprotec E-Floor or Cemprotec E-Floor HB in applications… Read more

Cemprotec EF Grit

Quartz aggregate for abrasion and skid resistance within E-Floor systems Overview Cemprotec EF Grit is a quartz aggregate for abrasion and skid resistance within E-Floor systems.

Cemprotec EF Primer

Stabilises and Seals Cementitious & Asphalt Substrates Overview Cemprotec EF Primer is used to stabilise and seal cementitious and asphalt floors prior to the application of the Cemprotec range of cementitious coatings and mortars. It can overcome some inadequacies in surface preparation and helps minimise the risk of out-gassing from the substrate. Cemprotec EF Primer is a modified,… Read more

Cemprotec E-Floor HB

Epoxy and Polymer Modified Cementitious Flooring: 3-6mm (EN 1504-02) Overview Cemprotec E-Floor HB is a major advancement in flooring technology incorporating the benefits of copolymer and epoxy resin technologies into a self smoothing, water based, cementitious flooring system. This chemical combination gives a hard, durable 3-6mm thick coating with excellent resistance to abrasion, water, chloride ions… Read more

Cemprotec E-Floor

Epoxy and Polymer Modified Cementitious Flooring: 2mm (EN 1504-02) Overview Cemprotec E-Floor is a major advancement in flooring technology, incorporating the benefits of copolymer and epoxy resin technologies into a self smoothing, water based, cementitious system. This chemical combination gives a hard, durable 2mm thick coating with excellent resistance to abrasion, water, chloride ions and aggressive… Read more

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Concrete Reinstatement to Rail Freight Handling Facility in Birmingham

Rail freight handling facility refurbishment, including concrete reinstatement of pavements, drainage channels and level crossings. Background Hams Hall is the UK’s busiest inland rail freight container terminal and operational capacity has trebled in recent years. Located eight miles outside Birmingham, it is based on a 27 acre site adjacent to the Nuneaton-to-Birmingham railway line and… Read more

Concrete Floor Repairs to Ramps Suffering from Freeze-Thaw Attack

Slip-Resistant Concrete Floor Repairs to Station’s Passenger Ramp Background Eaglescliffe Railway Station serves Eaglescliffe town in Stockton-on-Tees. Located on the Tees Valley Line at the junction with the Northallerton-Eaglescliffe Line, it was first opened in 1853 and originally had four platforms, but the western pair were taken out of use in the late 1960’s and subsequently… Read more

Cementitious Flooring System Protects Helipad in Extreme Conditions

Protection of 450m² Helipad. Background Rega is a Swiss Air-Rescue service which comes to the aid of people in distress, providing medical assistance by air. A privately run, not-for-profit organisation funded by almost 2.5 million patrons, Rega organised almost 14,000 rescue missions in 2012, primarily dealing with winter sport, road, occupational and Alpine accidents. Rega’s… Read more

Concrete Cover Reinstatement on Bridge Deck

Protection of Exposed Reinforcement & Reinstatement of Concrete Cover to M40 Bridge Deck Background When planing the concrete bridge deck at Junction 4 of the M40 in preparation for the application of a waterproof membrane, too much of the concrete cover was removed. In some areas, the steel reinforcement was also exposed. Emergency repairs were required to… Read more

Rapid Reinstatement of Concrete Floors at Waste Treatment Facility

Rapid reinstatement of concrete floors in demanding service conditions. Background £125m was invested in this ultra-modern facility where up to 45% of Lancashire’s waste is treated in an internal processing environment to prevent noise and odour escaping. Within one year of opening, the concrete floors have suffered extensive physical damage. This is caused by the abrasive action of… Read more

Concrete Floor Repairs & Resurfacing at Locomotive Depot

Abrasion, Chemical & Slip Resistant Resurfacing to Badly Worn Concrete Floor Background Crown Point was originally known as an area of Norwich but is now associated with the Crown Point Maintenance Depot operated by National Express. Originally a siding used by travelling circuses to load and unload animals and scenery away from the public eye,… Read more

Repair Mortar Reinstates Potholes and Worn Areas on Golden Gate Bridge

Rapid reinstatement of potholes and worn areas to concrete deck by toll booths. Background Acclaimed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the 6 lane bridge was opened by President Franklin D Roosevelt in 1937.  The only route to San Francisco from Marin County, this 1.7 mile structure now transports over 100,000… Read more

Waterproof Coating for Baggage Handling Floor at Hong Kong International Airport

45,000m² of a durable, waterproof coating to baggage handling floor 4m below sea level. Background Situated on reclaimed land, at the time of construction this was the world’s largest passenger terminal. Its lower floor, several metres below sea level, houses the baggage handling facilities. The 600mm tethered slab construction was subject to the ingress of… Read more

Rapid Reinstatement of Concrete Manhole Cover

Permanent Reinstatement of Concrete Manhole Cover on A406 North Circular Road Background Urgent repairs were needed to a dilapidated concrete infill manhole cover in the western bore of Fore Street Tunnel. This forms part of a heavily trafficked main ring-road around London. The first thought was to make a temporary localised repair with an acrylic/epoxy… Read more

Concrete Reinstatement of Bridge Joint Nosings

Rapid Concrete Reinstatement of Joint Nosings on Motorway Bridge. Background Whilst the bridges between junctions 24 and 25 of the M1 motorway (connecting London with the North) were being prepared for a major bridge deck waterproofing project, contractors discovered significant deterioration in the concrete deck caused by chloride ingress from de-icing salts which clearly had to… Read more

Fastfill Achieves Quick Reinstatement at Newquay Airport

Installation of new approach and runway lights. Background Newquay Airport started life as a military establishment (RAF St Mawgan) for long range American bombers but was converted to dual commercial and military status in the 1950’s. The Transition Project, to complete its final transition to a civilian airport, included the installation of new approach and… Read more

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A Fast Turnaround with Flexcrete Flooring

May’s edition of Tomorrow’s Contract Floors features a highly successful concrete floor refurbishment project recently completed by Flexcrete in Southport. When it comes to the refurbishment of large industrial or warehouse floors, one of the primary objectives is often to waterproof and renovate the floor with a durable flooring system within the minimum timescale, to enable facilities… Read more

On Another Level

The October issue of Tomorrow’s Contract Floors features an in-depth article on Flexcrete’s Cemprotec E-Floor, and shows how this innovative self-levelling flooring system provided the ideal solution for a major refurbishment project in Finland.   Application Cemprotec E-Floor is manufactured by Flexcrete Technologies, based in Leyland, North West England, and was put forward for the project by Flexcrete’s Finnish… Read more