Project Location: Newquay Airport

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Newquay Airport

Installation of new approach and runway lights.


Newquay Airport started life as a military establishment (RAF St Mawgan) for long range American bombers but was converted to dual commercial and military status in the 1950’s.

The Transition Project, to complete its final transition to a civilian airport, included the installation of new approach and runway lights. The new lights often fell on the path of existing joints and needed to be “isolated”. Because of busy flight schedules, all work had to be completed during the night after the last flight of the day had landed and be ready for the first flight the next day.

The Solution

Allied Drilling Limited, were appointed and achieved isolation of the new light installations by taking a 600mm diameter x 350mm deep core from the slab and inserting steel dowels into the perimeter to prevent punch through. The core hole was then lined with 20mm compressed foam before filling with Fastfill, bulked out with aggregate, to achieve a strength of over 30N/mm² in just 2½ hours. A second core is taken from the Fastfill to create a seat on which the new light fitting is bedded ready for handover and the first flight of the day.


Cornwall County Council


Principal Contractor—Mansell Airports
Contractor—Allied Drilling Limited