Highly Elastomeric, UV Cured, Waterborne Acrylic Coating


Monodex UVC is a highly engineered, waterborne, UV cured acrylic coating which is actually cured by exposure to UV radiation in sunlight, rather than using the traditional method of heat to cure. By using a chemical process called cross-linking that instantly changes a liquid UV coating into a completely dry, diamond-hard finish the moment it is exposed to UV light, it develops a tough, hard-wearing surface with an underlying coating which is extremely elastomeric.

Especially suited for use on projects in hot, sunny climates where significant movement is expected, Monodex UVC is able to accommodate thermal expansion without cracking in structures, even in extreme temperatures of -50°C. to +80°C. It also has excellent crack bridging properties and a constantly regenerating, self-cleaning surface, which means it won’t retain dirt and maintains a highly attractive appearance throughout its lifespan.

It is designed for the decorative protection of external concrete, render or masonry walls and can also be used for the waterproofing of roofs. It provides excellent protection against the damaging effects of carbonation and will last at least 15-20 years before first maintenance is required.


  • Very flexible with a tough, dirt resistant outer layer. Moves with the building and able to accommodate thermal expansion without cracking in structures, even in extreme temperatures (-50°C. to +80°C.)
  • Incorporates the latest UV curing system with vastly improved physical properties e.g. superior bond and adhesion, improved abrasion resistance
  • Water-based, eco-friendly coating with no hazardous solvents or odours released on application
  • Single component product with no mixing required on-site
  • Active encapsulated in-film biocide inhibits the growth of mould, mildew and lichens
  • Encapsulated biocide to prevent the growth of mould and lichens
  • Waterproof and able to provide excellent protection against the effects of carbonation
  • Permanently bridges dynamic cracks on concrete substrates
  • Long-lasting with a lifespan of 15-20 years
  • Range of attractive colours available with special colours made to order – click below to see the range available: Flexcrete Coatings Colour Chart

Monodex UVC can be applied using Graco Pumps – see link below for further guidance: Airless Spraying of Decorative Protective Coatings & Membranes

Specification Clause

The anti-carbonation coating shall be an elastomeric, waterproof coating based on acrylic / acrylonitrile copolymer incorporating a UV Curing system. It shall comply with the following performance specification:

  • Service temperature of -50°C to+80°C
  • Elongation at break at 312μm / 20°C of at least 870% in accordance with BS903 Part A2
  • No blistering, cracking or flaking after at least 20,000 hours QUV-B weathering in accordance with EN 1062-11
  • Water vapour transmission no greater than 30g/m²/day in accordance with BS EN ISO 7783-2.
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