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Monodex Clear

Clear, Waterborne Anti-Carbonation Coating (EN1504-2) Overview Monodex Clear is a transparent, weather resistant, elastomeric waterborne coating for use where it is important to maintain the surface appearance of the concrete substrate, whilst still providing excellent anti-carbonation and weatherproof protection. Designed for application to external walls and faҫades, it is ideal for application to decorative concrete… Read more


Clear Hydrophobic Impregnant Overview Monosil is a surface impregnant which can be applied to concrete, brick, stone, etc, to impart water and oil repellency. This helps protect the substrate from water and oil ingress and enhances freeze thaw resistance whilst enabling easier removal of oil, grease, paint, graffiti, etc. It is particularly suited to the treatment… Read more

Biodex HB

Water-based Elastomeric Anti-Bacterial & Antimicrobial Coating Biodex HB Overview Biodex HB is a highly elastomeric, high build hygiene coating for use in the most demanding service conditions. Inherently tough and permanently flexible, it is the ideal choice where substrate movement is anticipated, or where it is appropriate to impart additional tensile strength with overall reinforcement. Producing… Read more

Biodex Sheen

Water-based Elastomeric Anti-Bacterial & Antimicrobial Coating Overview Biodex Sheen is a tough, semi-gloss hygienic coating which prevents the growth of micro-organisms and limits the spread of harmful germs through an innovative combination of encapsulated in-film protectant and silver ions. Biodex Sheen is an ultra low VOC biostatic coating which is specified for all industries where strict standards… Read more

Monodex UVC

Highly Elastomeric, UV Cured, Waterborne Acrylic Coating Overview Monodex UVC is a highly engineered, waterborne, UV cured acrylic coating which is actually cured by exposure to UV radiation in sunlight, rather than using the traditional method of heat to cure. By using a chemical process called cross-linking that instantly changes a liquid UV coating into… Read more

Monodex Textured

High Performance, Flexible Waterborne Textured Coating (EN1504-2) Overview Monodex Textured is a highly engineered, waterborne, single component, acrylic-based decorative wall coating with an attractive textured finish. Due to its high build, textured composition, it is ideal for use on buildings and other structures which have a rough, uneven finish with surface defects and imperfections. Monodex Textured will… Read more

Monodex Smooth

Water-based Elastomeric Decorative Coating (EN1504-2) Overview Monodex Smooth is a high performance water based, elastomeric, high build, decorative coating which provides protection against carbonation and water ingress, yet allows damp substrates to breathe. It is ultra-fast drying which enables two coat applications to take place on the same day and facilitates year round usage. Monodex Smooth resists the… Read more

Monodex Ultra

Water-based Flexible Decorative Coating (EN1504-2) Overview Monodex Ultra is a technically advanced, minimal VOC, water-based decorative coating which protects against carbonation and water ingress without entrapping moisture. It is fast drying for year round use externally with excellent fire performance characteristics for internal use. Monodex Ultra prevents water ingress and resists the growth of mould and fungi,… Read more

Cemprotec Sandseal 75

Clear Lacquer for Concrete Floors Overview Cemprotec Sandseal 75 is a hard wearing, single pack, solvent-based, polyurethane clear lacquer for protecting concrete floors and smooth Cemprotec E-Floor finishes. It can also be used in combination with sanded Cemprotec E-Floor to help seal in and retain the sand to provide a slip resistant, decorative surface with excellent abrasion and wearing characteristics…. Read more

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Multi-Coloured Anti-Carbonation Protection for Commercial Building

Coating & Protection of 10,000m2 of External Walls in 7 Different Colours. Background Advanced, Water-Based Anti-Carbonation Protection Flexcrete’s distributor in Taiwan, Parallel Industrial Co., Ltd, recommended the use of Monodex Ultra in order to enhance and protect the exterior of the building. A total of seven colours were produced in Monodex Ultra to BS RAL… Read more

Aesthetic, Protective Coating Provided for Fine Dining Restaurant

Repair and Coating of Facade and Gable Ends. Background Outstanding Weatherproofing Technology Flexcrete’s Monodex Smooth coating was specified for application to the façade of the building and the gable ends, due to its excellent track record of use on prestigious and heritage buildings all around the world. W J Structures Ltd initially cleaned and washed the… Read more

Complete Repair & Protection Solution for Façade of Retail Outlet

Structural Repair, Rendering & Protective Coating Works for Busy High Street Store Background System Approach from Flexcrete Provides Perfect Solution Significant re-rendering and profiling of the front elevations of the building were required, as over the years the façade had deteriorated significantly. Monolevel RM, a fibre reinforced, polymer modified, cementitious mortar, was initially applied by steel… Read more

Concrete Waterproofing Coatings Applied on Residential Properties

Decorative concrete waterproofing coatings chosen for residential properties. Background Located at the centre of South Lantau, Leyburn Villas is a prestige residential development with views facing the longest beach in Hong Kong. Lantau Island is popular as a tranquil alternative to Hong Kong city life, it is characterised by the scarcity of high rise developments and… Read more