Class R1 Fine Grade Fairing Coat


Monorub is a Class R1 fine grade polymer modified mortar for filling blow holes and minor surface defects to produce a fine formed finish. It is available in Grey and White versions to enable colour matching with the parent concrete.

Monorub is a single component, polymer modified cementitious mortar for the filling of blow-holes and small surface defects in precast and in-situ concrete, whilst providing an aesthetic yet durable finish. The incorporation of a polymer enhances adhesion and imparts a high degree of water repellency to the surface of concrete, making it denser and more impermeable. Once cured, if required it can be overcoated with specialist membranes in the Flexcrete range to provide further protection and aesthetic quality.


  • Pre-packaged material simply requires mixing with clean water on-site
  • Incorporates innovative styrene acrylic copolymer technology
  • Uses ordinary Portland cement, which is fully compatible with precast and in-situ concrete
  • Economic mortar generally requiring no substrate or inter-layer priming. Part bags can be mixed.


CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1504 Part 3.

Specification Clause

The fairing coat shall be a fine grade, single component, polymer modified cementitious repair mortar. It shall be CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1504-3 Class R1 and shall comply with the following performance specification:

  • Compressive strength at 20°C of at least 7 MPa in 1 day and 35 MPa in 28 days
  • Flexural strength at 28 days (20°C & 65% R.H) of at least 8 MPa in accordance with BS 4551.
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