Water-based Elastomeric Anti-Bacterial & Antimicrobial Coating


Biodex Sheen is a tough, semi-gloss hygienic coating which prevents the growth of micro-organisms and limits the spread of harmful germs through an innovative combination of encapsulated in-film protectant and silver ions. Biodex Sheen is an ultra low VOC biostatic coating which is specified for all industries where strict standards of hygiene are observed, and for use in other widely ranging public areas requiring long term durability and efficacy. Biodex Sheen is the preferred biostatic coating for both maintenance and new build works, exhibiting very fast drying with two coats easily applied within a single working day using standard painting techniques.


  • Unique dual action in-film protection combined with silver chloride technology.
  • Independently tested against a wide range of challenge micro-organisms.
  • Totally non-toxic, non-leaching and non-tainting formulation.
  • Vapour permeable to allow substrate moisture to escape.
  • Attractive mid sheen finish with fast drying properties for rapid installation.
  • Produces a tough, flexible film which is easily reinforced over cracks and joints.
  • Safe, water-based, low odour, minimal VOC coating – wash equipment in water.
  • Available in a wide range of attractive colours – click below to see the range available: Flexcrete Coatings Colour Chart

Resistance to Mould, Fungus, Bacteria & Algae

Biodex Sheen has been subjected to extensive testing to confirm resistance to a wide range of micro-organisms. In all tests, a rating of zero was recorded on the Evaluation Scale to demonstrate complete efficacy of the biostatic membrane with no growth on the surface of the Biodex Sheen.

Test methods and challenge micro-organisms include:

Mould/Fungi (Film Fungal Preservation Test – Cabinet Method)
Challenge micro-organisms are:

Alternaria alternata Phoma violacea
Aspergillus versicolour Rhodotorula rubra
Aureobasidium pullulans Sporobolomyces roseus
Cladosporium cladosporoides Stachyboytrys chartarum
Penicillium purpurogenum Ulocladium atrum

Bacteria (Wet State Bacterial Resistance Test)
Challenge micro-organisms are:

Aeromonas hydrophila Klebsiella pneumonia
Alcaligenes faecalis Proteus vulgaris
Cellulomonas flavigena Providencia rettgeri
Corynebacterium ammoniagenes Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Enterobacter aerogenes Pseudomonas stutzeri
Escherichia coli Serratia liquefaciens

Algae (Vermiculite Bed Method)
Challenge micro-organisms are:

Chlorella emersonii Gloeocapsa sp.
Nostoc commune Pleurococcus sp.
Stichococcus bacillaris Stigeoclonium tenue
Trentepohilia auerea Trentepohlia odorata

General Growth Resistance (bacterial, mould / yeasts)

In this test, a range of micro-organisms are assessed using selective nutrient beds to ensure no microbial growth. The test includes resistance to both aerobic and anaerobic (sulphate-reducing) bacteria.

Biodex Sheen can be applied using Graco Pumps – see link below for further guidance: Airless Spraying of Decorative Protective Coatings & Membranes

Specification Clause

The anti-microbial coating shall be a non-toxic, non-leaching biostatic coating incorporating in-film protection and a silver ion component. It shall also contain a cross-linking, styrene acrylic micropolymer resin binder, be CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1504-2, and shall comply with the following performance specification:

  • Service temperature of -20°C to+80°C
  • Elongation at break at 200μm / 20°C of at least 100% in accordance with BS903 Part A2
  • Water vapour transmission no greater than 15g/m²/day in accordance with BS EN ISO 7783-2.
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