Project Location: Long Sun Brewing, New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Long Sun Brewery

Biodex Sheen hygiene coating protects ceiling areas totalling 600m²


Established in 2002, Long Sun Brewing was Taiwan’s first licensed microbrewery. The company initially focused on the production of traditional craft lagers and wheat beers, before introducing a honey beer which won a gold medal at the World Beer Cup in 2014. Long Sun’s primary brand is Le blé d’or and the company has moved away from a pure brewery model to the introduction of Le blé d’or restaurants throughout Taiwan. The company also operates China’s largest brewpub in Suzhou and has expanded its retail channels through supermarkets and wholesale business with clients such as Costco. In 2014, Long Sun Brewing delivered 350 tons of beer products to Costco.

Long Sun’s primary microbrewery is based in New Taipei City, Taiwan, and the company required a hygienic ceiling coating which would be able to withstand the harsh conditions in the brewing area without deteriorating. Long Sun Brewing has plans to expand into Northeast and Southeast Asia, and globally within the next 5-10 years, so it was important that the microbrewery met the very highest of hygiene standards.

The Solution

Biodex Sheen, a tough, waterborne, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial hygiene coating, was specified for application to the ceilings in the microbrewery due to its proven ability to combat the growth of mould, bacteria and yeasts. It prevents the growth of micro-organisms through an innovative combination of encapsulated in-film protectant and silver ions. It is also able to withstand extreme conditions such as high humidity and thermal shock caused by sudden changes in temperature.

The waterborne nature of Biodex Sheen was absolutely critical for this project, as the hygiene coating could be rapidly and safely applied by roller and brush without any risk of contamination as it is non-toxic, non-leaching, non-tainting and ultra-low odour. The use of solvent-free materials was a vital consideration, as odour contamination of products can potentially have serious, and costly, implications in breweries. Two coats of Biodex Sheen can be applied in a single working day, so disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. Once in service, Biodex Sheen is highly resilient and is able to withstand extreme temperature changes from -50°C. to +80°C. without cracking or flaking. The advanced styrene acrylic micropolymer resin binder crosslinks to afford excellent adhesion which remains unaffected even when substrate moisture escapes to the atmosphere through the membrane.

Biodex Sheen is CE marked in accordance with the demands of BS EN 1504-2 and is available in a range of attractive colours, of which white was chosen for this project. Long Sun Brewing were delighted with this application and there are plans to specify Flexcrete’s Biodex products for future refurbishment work at the microbrewery.



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