Project Location: French Fry Plant, New Brunswick, Canada

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French Fry Plant

Protection and Decoration of External Walls.


This food processing company operates its global head office and French Fry Plant in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. Around 3,000 employees are based at the plant and annual production at the facility is 86 million kg of French fries.

The building date back to 1970 and the walls are constructed from precast concrete structural wall T section, which are insulated sandwich construction with 50mm rigid insulation and a 50mm interior concrete liner. The external walls of the plant had previously been protected with a standard paint, but within a short period of time in this harsh climate, the paint had started delaminating and peeling, resulting in an unsightly appearance.

The Solution

Flexcrete’s Monodex Smooth anti-carbonation coating was chosen for this project due to its ability to adhere to the substrate once the old, flaking paint had been power washed off. The coating is highly elastomeric and allows the underlying substrate to breathe, providing a highly protective, decorative appearance for at least 15 years before first maintenance. Even in harsh climatic conditions, Monodex Smooth demonstrates excellent colour retention and strong UV resistance.

In other areas of the plant, Biodex HB was used due to its high build properties and ability to withstand bacterial and mould growth, as well as regular cleaning without deterioration.  Biodex HB is a high build biostatic coating with encapsulated biocide and silver ion technology and provides excellent protection against the growth of micro-organisms. Both Monodex Smooth and Biodex HB are waterborne coatings, which means they are non-toxic, non-leaching, non-tainting and ultra-low odour. This was a critical consideration for this project, as the coatings could be safely applied in this food production environment without fear of contaminating any products manufactured on site.

The Facilities Managers are delighted with the Flexcrete products and are so impressed with their durability and appearance, they plan to use them for a forthcoming project to coat the prominent main entrance of the plant.


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