Protection Against Gas, Chemicals & Chlorides

For many years, we have worked alongside some of the world’s leading oil, gas, utility and associated sector companies to develop and perfect our cementitious coatings for steel and concrete. Our coatings are waterborne and non-hazardous, utilising thin film, polymer and epoxy modified cementitious coating technology to provide an effective long-term solution. They can be applied direct to ferrous metals without the need for primers and form a dense barrier designed to keep out the fuels for corrosion, achieving ultra-low permeability and diffusion resistance to oxygen and other gasses whilst preventing chloride ingress. Our range includes Cementitious Coating 851 which provides outstanding waterproof protection from chloride ingress, Cemprotec E942 which offers exceptional chemical resistance and Cemprotec Elastic which provides waterproofing and protection of substrates where further movement is anticipated.

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