Project Location: Microbrewery, Nyköping, Sweden

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Flexcrete's hygienic coatings were specified for 2,500m² of new internal walls of Nils Oscar Brewery, Sweden.

Hygienic  coatings protect 2,500m² of new internal walls.


Nils Oscar Brewery is a microbrewery and spirits company based in Nyköping, Sweden. The company exports beers and spirits to Denmark, the USA and the UK. Nils Oscar’s ‘God Lager’ is available in Waitrose and Tesco supermarkets in the UK. In recent years, Nils Oscar beers have been awarded several gold medals at the Stockholm Beer Festival.

The brewery takes its name from the original founder Nils Oscar and it is still run by his descendants. The company is the only one of its kind across the whole of Scandinavia to control the entire production process from the grain to the bottle. Oat, wheat, barley and rye are grown on the grain fields at the company’s Tärnö Manor estate located 140km south of Stockholm and then malted in the malting plant at Tärnö Manor. After this process the malt is transported to the Nyköping microbrewery to be turned into beers and spirits. The microbrewery in Nyköping
has been newly constructed.

The Solution

A hygienic coating was required for application to the new internal walls inside the Nyköping plant and Flexcrete’s Biodex hygiene coatings were chosen as the ideal solution due to their ability to provide effective anti-microbial protection in hygiene sensitive environments. Biodex coatings are proven to withstand the harsh conditions found in breweries, such as high humidity, very wet conditions due to the amount of water used for cleaning and flushing, and thermal shock caused by sudden changes in temperature.

Biodex Sheen, a water-based, semi-gloss hygiene coating, and Biodex HB, a waterborne, high build hygiene coating, were applied to the internal wall areas. The coatings provided a seamless, easy clean finish whilst actively combating the growth of mould, bacteria and yeasts, as production plants can be susceptible to mould growth from the presence of migrant yeasts and sugar particles present in the atmosphere during the brewing process.

The Biodex coatings could be safely and rapidly applied in this environment as they are waterborne, non-toxic, non-leaching


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