Project Location: Crown Point Locomotive Depot, Norwich

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Concrete Floor Repairs & Resurfacing at Locomotive Depot

Abrasion, Chemical & Slip Resistant Resurfacing to Badly Worn Concrete Floor


Crown Point was originally known as an area of Norwich but is now associated with the Crown Point Maintenance Depot operated by National Express.

Originally a siding used by travelling circuses to load and unload animals and scenery away from the public eye, Crown Point depot now plays a pivotal role in maintaining a fleet of trains in East Anglia and on the inter-city line to London. The platforms in the locomotive shed where jacks are used lift trains had become badly worn and uneven.

The Solution

Specified by Frankham Consultancy Group, Flexcrete products were used to reinstate and provide a durable, hard wearing and chemically resistant finish. After planing the surface, Fastfill a rapid setting Portland cement based mortar was used to fill voids and repair the edges to the platforms. Cemprotec E-Floor HB, a twin component cement and epoxy modified polymer coating was applied at 3-6mm thickness with 2mm of regular Cemprotec E-Floor as a hard finishing layer. A silica sand was broadcast into the surface and sealed with Cemprotec Sandseal 75, a tough, clear polyurethane, to give a slip resistant and durable finish.


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