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Cemprotec Sandseal 75

Clear Lacquer for Concrete Floors Overview Cemprotec Sandseal 75 is a hard wearing, single pack, solvent-based, polyurethane clear lacquer for protecting concrete floors and smooth Cemprotec E-Floor finishes. It can also be used in combination with sanded Cemprotec E-Floor to help seal in and retain the sand to provide a slip resistant, decorative surface with excellent abrasion and wearing characteristics…. Read more

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Concrete Floor Repairs to Ramps Suffering from Freeze-Thaw Attack

Slip-Resistant Concrete Floor Repairs to Station’s Passenger Ramp Background Eaglescliffe Railway Station serves Eaglescliffe town in Stockton-on-Tees. Located on the Tees Valley Line at the junction with the Northallerton-Eaglescliffe Line, it was first opened in 1853 and originally had four platforms, but the western pair were taken out of use in the late 1960’s and subsequently… Read more

Repairing Reinforced Concrete Slabs at Satakunta Air Command in Finland

Repair and freeze thaw protection to 15,300m² fibre reinforced concrete slabs at NATO airbase. Background With responsibility for the airspace of South West Finland, the Satakunta Air Command needs to keep operational, so an Apron out of action was out of the question. Due to aggressive aviation fuel and hydraulic fluid deposits, together with the… Read more

Waterproofing Concrete Floors at Roosecote Power Station

Waterproofing of internal floors. Background Roosecote Power Station is a gas-fired and former coal-fired power station situated in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. The current power station was the UK’s first Combined Cycle Gas Turbine unit (CCGT) supplying electricity to the National Grid. The entire facility is protected by a fire sprinkler system, including the corridors which carry control cables above the… Read more

Concrete Repair and Waterproofing of Deck Area of Ambulance Station

Installation of waterproof friction wearing course and associated concrete repair works. Background After years of heavy duty wear and attack from de-icing salts deposited from the underside of ambulances during the winter, the elevated deck required a replacement waterproof friction wearing course and the approach ramps needed waterproofing prior to reasphalting. Water leakage was occurring through the deck… Read more

Concrete Floor Repairs & Resurfacing at Locomotive Depot

Abrasion, Chemical & Slip Resistant Resurfacing to Badly Worn Concrete Floor Background Crown Point was originally known as an area of Norwich but is now associated with the Crown Point Maintenance Depot operated by National Express. Originally a siding used by travelling circuses to load and unload animals and scenery away from the public eye,… Read more

Fast-Setting Repair Mortar Chosen for RAF Military Airbase

Reinstatement to taxiways and hard-standings on military airbase. Background A base for Squadrons of Nimrod and AWACS, RAF Waddington hosts visiting NATO aircraft, including the vertical take-off and landing Harrier Jump Jet. The concrete taxiways and hard-standings were showing signs of deterioration from weathering and chemical attack from aircraft hydraulic fluid, together with the ground… Read more

Waterproof Coating for Baggage Handling Floor at Hong Kong International Airport

45,000m² of a durable, waterproof coating to baggage handling floor 4m below sea level. Background Situated on reclaimed land, at the time of construction this was the world’s largest passenger terminal. Its lower floor, several metres below sea level, houses the baggage handling facilities. The 600mm tethered slab construction was subject to the ingress of… Read more

Slip Resistant Finish for Concrete Ramps

Slip resistant finish to concrete ramps suffering from freeze thaw attack. Background To maintain safe access to this retail complex in Glasgow, it had become necessary to reinstate the surfaces of the concrete ramps which had been attacked by freeze/thaw cycles during exposure to the harsh winters. This presented a hazard for wheelchairs and pedestrians… Read more

Chemical Resistant Flooring Solution for McDonald’s

Chemical and abrasion resistant resurfacing. Background The famous golden arches are recognised the world over with McDonald’s being the best known of the fast food chains. Behind the public areas, all the waste materials are collected in designated bays, stored in special steel wheeled bins to await disposal. This results in aggressive deposits falling on… Read more

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Concrete Floor Repairs and Flooring Solutions in the Rail Sector

Flooring surfaces in today’s railways are subject to heavy demands, and many were simply not designed to withstand the current footfall, impact and abrasion. Chris Lloyd demonstrates how innovative solutions for enhancing concrete floors in refurbishments and new builds can make all the difference to durability and safety. There are many signs that concrete floor… Read more