Project Location: Drumchapel Shopping Centre, Glasgow

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Slip Resistant Finish to Concrete Ramps at Drumchapel Shopping Centre

Slip resistant finish to concrete ramps suffering from freeze thaw attack.


To maintain safe access to this retail complex in Glasgow, it had become necessary to reinstate the surfaces of the concrete ramps which had been attacked by freeze/thaw cycles during exposure to the harsh winters.

This presented a hazard for wheelchairs and pedestrians alike, and a repair system with slip resistant properties and fast-setting capability was needed.

The Solution

The surface was initially ground down and cleaned before Fastfill – an advanced rapid set Portland cement based mortar – was applied. Fastfill was ideal for this project as the ramps were only available for a limited period of time. The next stage involved filling minor defects with Monolevel 844SP before a 2mm topping of Cemprotec E942 was applied to give a hard, durable surface with effective multi-functional protection. Quartz aggregate was cast into the surface to create a skid inhibiting, abrasion resistant finish – this was locked in place with Cemprotec Sandseal 75, a clear non-yellowing urethane sealer with easy clean properties.


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