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Cemprotec 2000-BJT

Self-Adhesive Butyl Tape used for joining sections of Cemprotec 2000-S Overview Cemprotec 2000-BJT is a high performance butyl tape which is designed to join two pieces of Cemprotec 2000-S waterproof composite tape together. Embedded into our Cemprotec range of cementitious coatings, it forms an elastomeric joint between two lengths of Cemprotec 2000-S to accommodate movement…. Read more

Cemprotec Levelling Coat

Cementitious Self-Levelling Mortar for Concrete Floors Overview Cemprotec Levelling Coat is a two component, epoxy and polymer modified waterborne cementitious levelling screed designed to level out rough, tamped concrete prior to the application of a protective flooring system. It is designed to be used as a flowing screed prior to the application of Cemprotec E-Floor or Cemprotec E-Floor HB in applications… Read more

Cemprotec EF Grit

Quartz aggregate for abrasion and skid resistance within E-Floor systems Overview Cemprotec EF Grit is a quartz aggregate for abrasion and skid resistance within E-Floor systems.

Cemprotec EF Primer

Stabilises and Seals Cementitious & Asphalt Substrates Overview Cemprotec EF Primer is used to stabilise and seal cementitious and asphalt floors prior to the application of the Cemprotec range of cementitious coatings and mortars. It can overcome some inadequacies in surface preparation and helps minimise the risk of out-gassing from the substrate. Cemprotec EF Primer is a modified,… Read more

Cemprotec E-Floor HB

Epoxy and Polymer Modified Cementitious Flooring: 3-6mm (EN 1504-02) Overview Cemprotec E-Floor HB is a major advancement in flooring technology incorporating the benefits of copolymer and epoxy resin technologies into a self smoothing, water based, cementitious flooring system. This chemical combination gives a hard, durable 3-6mm thick coating with excellent resistance to abrasion, water, chloride ions… Read more

Cemprotec E-Floor

Epoxy and Polymer Modified Cementitious Flooring: 2mm (EN 1504-02) Overview Cemprotec E-Floor is a major advancement in flooring technology, incorporating the benefits of copolymer and epoxy resin technologies into a self smoothing, water based, cementitious system. This chemical combination gives a hard, durable 2mm thick coating with excellent resistance to abrasion, water, chloride ions and aggressive… Read more

Cementitious Coating 851

Surface Protection System – Protection against Ingress (EN1504-2, DWI 31, BBA, WRAS) Overview Cementitious Coating 851 is designed for internal and external structural waterproofing of concrete and other mineral substrates. Cementitious Coating 851 resists positive and negative pressure under 100m head in water retaining and below ground structures as well as roofs and decks. It provides… Read more

Cemprotec Scrim

Open Textured Glass Scrim for General Reinforcement of Cementitious Coatings & Renders Overview Cemprotec Scrim is a latex coated, open weave glass scrim designed for the reinforcement of Flexcrete cementitious mortars and coatings. It is available in two grades – standard Cemprotec Scrim and Cemprotec Edge Scrim. Standard Cemprotec Scrim is especially suited for general reinforcement over large areas of… Read more

Cemprotec 2000-S

Flexible Waterproof Sealing Tape (WRAS) Overview Cemprotec 2000-S is an advanced, elastomeric, highly tear resistant, breathable, waterproof composite tape, which is embedded in the Cemprotec range of cementitious coatings to give a highly flexible, impermeable seal over “live” cracks and expansion or construction joints in waterproofing applications. Advantages Permanently elastomeric composite tape exhibiting over 600%… Read more

Monomix HD

Class R4 High Strength Structural Repair Mortar (EN1504-3) Overview Monomix HD is a high strength, waterproof, shrinkage compensated, standard density mortar with good abrasion resistance for the structural repair, rendering and profiling of vertical, overhead and horizontal surfaces including trafficked areas. Monomix HD is a single component cementitious repair mortar which incorporates the most advanced cement chemistry,… Read more


Class R4 Rapid Setting Structural Repair Mortar (EN1504-03, DWI 31, WRAS, BBA) Overview Fastfill is a rapid setting, Portland cement-based structural mortar for the durable repair of concrete which cannot be taken out of service for long periods, or in areas subjected to heavy wear such as roads, runways, bridges, decks, floors and footpaths. Fastfill can be… Read more

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Repairs to Concrete Stairways inside Boardman House in Norwich

Restoration and Repair to Concrete Stairways Background Boardman House is a landmark grade II listed Victorian building located in the centre of Norwich. The neo-classical building was originally constructed as a Sunday School in 1879 by renowned Norwich architect Edward Boardman. In 2014, the Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) purchased Boardman House and an… Read more

Protecting Concrete Floors at Espoo Motor Centre in Finland

Protection of garage and vehicle repair concrete floors totalling 1,100m². Background Espoo Motor Centre is a new concept developed by Finnish contractor YIT Construction. Espoo is Finland’s second largest city and YIT Construction developed this brand new complex beside the primary motorway coming out of Espoo. The Motor Centre houses a total of eight automotive… Read more

Cemprotec E-Floor Chosen to Protect Concrete Floors

Protection of the 600m² parking hall floor. Background Situated in the heart of downtown Helsinki near to Esplanade Park, Bronda Corner is a mixed use building which has origins dating back to 1840. The structure was demolished in the 1970’s to make way for a new building designed by architect Keijo Petäjä. Built in 1975, a complete renovation… Read more

Protecting Car Park Floors in Helsinki with Cemprotec E-Floor

Waterproof, hard-wearing protection for car park decking. Background Parliament House is the seat of the Parliament of Finland and has been the impressive setting for many of the nation’s key political events. Located on Arcadia Hill in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, the exterior of the striking building is composed of red granite and the… Read more

Concrete Cover Enhancement on London Underground Substation

Enhancement of Cover to Freshly Laid Ground Floor Slab Background West Ham London Underground connects to the Circle, District, Hammersmith and City, Jubilee Underground lines and the Docklands Light Railway. It is a busy transport hub in East London and was made one of three transport ‘hotspots’ feeding the London 2012 Games. As part of plans… Read more

Waterproofing of Concrete Floors and Sheet Piles in Basements

Waterproofing of sheet piles and floor slabs in a basement. Background Westminster City school is a non-diocesan, voluntary aided, all ability school, which has been situated in the Victoria area of London since 1877. As part of Westminster City Council’s £152 million investment in the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) Programme, the school obtained… Read more

Repairing Reinforced Concrete Slabs at Satakunta Air Command in Finland

Repair and freeze thaw protection to 15,300m² fibre reinforced concrete slabs at NATO airbase. Background With responsibility for the airspace of South West Finland, the Satakunta Air Command needs to keep operational, so an Apron out of action was out of the question. Due to aggressive aviation fuel and hydraulic fluid deposits, together with the… Read more

Waterproofing Concrete Floors at Roosecote Power Station

Waterproofing of internal floors. Background Roosecote Power Station is a gas-fired and former coal-fired power station situated in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. The current power station was the UK’s first Combined Cycle Gas Turbine unit (CCGT) supplying electricity to the National Grid. The entire facility is protected by a fire sprinkler system, including the corridors which carry control cables above the… Read more

Concrete Repair and Waterproofing of Deck Area of Ambulance Station

Installation of waterproof friction wearing course and associated concrete repair works. Background After years of heavy duty wear and attack from de-icing salts deposited from the underside of ambulances during the winter, the elevated deck required a replacement waterproof friction wearing course and the approach ramps needed waterproofing prior to reasphalting. Water leakage was occurring through the deck… Read more

Waterproof Concrete Floor Coating for Car Park in Helsinki

Waterproof, high strength friction wearing course for car park decking. Background Q-Park stands for quality in parking with smart, safe and convenient facilities which are noted for stylish interior design. Q-Park designate individual parking bays with a distinctive black box which contrasts with a lighter surround to make it easy to park correctly. At the… Read more

Abrasion Resistant Coating for Concrete Floors at Royal Doulton Potteries

1,000m² of abrasion resistant flooring in area subject to steel wheeled trolleys. Background Most of the floors in this 1960’s factory are precast concrete or mass concrete slabs with construction joints and drainage channels dividing many workshop areas. Royal Doulton, the world famous creators of art and domestic china, required a coating which could withstand… Read more

Floor Coatings Specified for Moisture Suppression

Moisture suppression prior to installation of decorative flooring. Background After many years of unsolved problems with vinyl tiles repeatedly delaminating from the floors, the cause was finally established as osmotic blistering. This was a consequence of there being no vapour barrier included when the four original classrooms were built in the 1950’s. The pressure generated… Read more

Fast-Setting Repair Mortar Chosen for RAF Military Airbase

Reinstatement to taxiways and hard-standings on military airbase. Background A base for Squadrons of Nimrod and AWACS, RAF Waddington hosts visiting NATO aircraft, including the vertical take-off and landing Harrier Jump Jet. The concrete taxiways and hard-standings were showing signs of deterioration from weathering and chemical attack from aircraft hydraulic fluid, together with the ground… Read more

Moisture Suppression on New Concrete Floors

Moisture suppression on 1,115m² new concrete floors to fast track construction. Background Under pressure to complete construction to allow for commissioning of this new extension to the JFK medical facility in Florida, the contractor was impatient to see the moisture levels in the new concrete floors reach an acceptable level so that the specified floor… Read more

Slip Resistant Finish for Swimming Pool

Architectural, slip resistant, waterproof finish to the pool surrounds of a prestigious Hotel Spa. Background In keeping with the prestige nature of this exclusive resort, a unique flooring surface was required to reflect the hotel’s high standards, whilst also improving safety by providing a slip resistant finish. Equipped with jacuzzi, sauna and a Turkish bath, the… Read more

Slip Resistant Finish for Concrete Ramps

Slip resistant finish to concrete ramps suffering from freeze thaw attack. Background To maintain safe access to this retail complex in Glasgow, it had become necessary to reinstate the surfaces of the concrete ramps which had been attacked by freeze/thaw cycles during exposure to the harsh winters. This presented a hazard for wheelchairs and pedestrians… Read more

Chloride Protection for Concrete Deck in Sweden

Chloride protection using a Migratory Corrosion Inhibitor on 3,500m² of concrete deck. Background Following tests carried out by the Swedish Concrete Institute (CBI), it was found that the concrete deck in one of the central Stockholm car parks contained a high level of chlorides caused by deposits of de-icing salts from the vehicles. Especially where… Read more

Concrete Repair for Underground Water Storage Tank

Waterproofing and Concrete Repair for Underground Water Storage Tank Background Planning Consultants Eletecno Spa, contacted Rivestimenti Speciali SRL concerning the inner lining of the buried concrete fire safety water storage tank located at the Leroy Merlin Commercial Centre. The surface of the concrete tank was badly deteriorated, with spalling and cracks resulting in water leakage…. Read more

Waterproofing of Concrete Floors in Residential Properties

Temporary waterproofing of concrete floors to fast-track construction. Background Linden Homes, part of the Galliford Try Construction Group, is a specialist regional house building company producing high quality homes in prime residential locations. To ensure that tight deadlines are met, it is frequently necessary to install temporary waterproofing of concrete floors, thereby enabling the installation of services and joinery to… Read more

Concrete Floor Moisture Suppression at Ammässuo Waste Treatment Centre in Finland

Moisture suppression on 1200m² of concrete floor in a tunnel prior to applying a decorative epoxy coating. Background Situated 30km to the west of Helsinki in Ämmässuo, Finland’s newest and largest waste treatment centre houses a modern compost handling system. The design incorporates an underground tunnel requiring a highly chemical resistant epoxy floor finish. Due… Read more

Waterproofing Floors of Bathroom Enclosures in Prestigious Hotel Resort

Waterproofing of bathroom enclosures in a prestigious hotel resort. Background Owing to a combination of inadequacies in design and poor workmanship, it was soon evident that the bathroom areas of the 5 Star 998 room Diplomat Hotel complex were suffering from water leakage through to the floors below. The Client sought an immediate and cost… Read more

Chemical Resistant Flooring Solution for McDonald’s

Chemical and abrasion resistant resurfacing. Background The famous golden arches are recognised the world over with McDonald’s being the best known of the fast food chains. Behind the public areas, all the waste materials are collected in designated bays, stored in special steel wheeled bins to await disposal. This results in aggressive deposits falling on… Read more

Waterproofing Concrete Slabs on Drill Tower at Bristol Fire Station

Waterproofing concrete slabs. Background Avon Fire Brigade, responsible for fire prevention and control throughout the county of Avon, operates and maintains 23 fire stations. As the 880 fire-fighters are called to incidents in multi-storey buildings, all stations are equipped with tall practice or “drill” towers. The Bristol Fire Station Drill Tower, a concrete frame with… Read more

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A Fast Turnaround with Flexcrete Flooring

May’s edition of Tomorrow’s Contract Floors features a highly successful concrete floor refurbishment project recently completed by Flexcrete in Southport. When it comes to the refurbishment of large industrial or warehouse floors, one of the primary objectives is often to waterproof and renovate the floor with a durable flooring system within the minimum timescale, to enable facilities… Read more