Project Location: Linden Homes, Bristol

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Waterproofing of Concrete Floors to Fast-Track Construction of Linden Homes, Bristol

Temporary waterproofing of concrete floors to fast-track construction.


Linden Homes, part of the Galliford Try Construction Group, is a specialist regional house building company producing high quality homes in prime residential locations.

To ensure that tight deadlines are met, it is frequently necessary to install temporary waterproofing of concrete floors, thereby enabling the installation of services and joinery to the lower floors prior to the completion of the upper storeys and roof structure.

The Solution

Cementitious Coating 851, a waterproof two part cement modified polymer coating, was specified. This water based product is tolerant of wet substrates and can be applied to green concrete only 24 hours after laying. Mixed using a slow speed drill and paddle, the material is poured onto the substrate and spread to a thickness of 2mm with a notched trowel. Curing rapidly to form a dense coating, it resists water under a 10 bar hydrostatic head (100m head of water). Once the structure is completed, floor coverings are quickly installed, thereby fast-tracking the construction process to allow early occupation of habitable areas.


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