Project Location: John F Kennedy Medical Center, Florida, USA

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Moisture Suppression on New Concrete Floors at John F Kennedy Medical Center, Florida, USA

Moisture suppression on 1,115m² new concrete floors to fast track construction.


Under pressure to complete construction to allow for commissioning of this new extension to the JFK medical facility in Florida, the contractor was impatient to see the moisture levels in the new concrete floors reach an acceptable level so that the specified floor finish could be applied.

Regardless of the measures which were taken, the programme was slipping and an innovative solution was needed to bring the schedule back on track.

The Solution

The decision was made to treat the slab with Cemprotec E-Floor to “fast-track” the construction cycle. This creates a surface which is suitable for laying either resin or vinyl materials within a matter of a few days, permitting this job to be finished much sooner than would otherwise be the case. Applied to damp surfaces, Cemprotec E-Floor can even be used directly on “green” concrete slabs, allowing moisture to diffuse in a controlled manner without blistering. It is very tough and is often used in its own right as a waterproof and highly abrasion resistant wearing course.


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