Project Location: Royal Doulton Potteries, Staffordshire

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Abrasion Resistant System for Concrete Floors at Royal Doulton Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

1,000m² of abrasion resistant flooring in area subject to steel wheeled trolleys.


Most of the floors in this 1960’s factory are precast concrete or mass concrete slabs with construction joints and drainage channels dividing many workshop areas.

Royal Doulton, the world famous creators of art and domestic china, required a coating which could withstand rigorous cleaning regimes three times a day and extensive exposure to heavy steel-wheeled trolleys. The existing coating only had a lifespan of 4-6 weeks under such intense conditions.

The Solution

Flexcrete’s solution was to propose an epoxy and cementitious polymer coating, Cemprotec E-Floor, which was applied after the top 3mm of friable surface had been removed. Primed with Cemprotec EF Primer, the surface received a 2mm layer of E-Floor to impart high resistance to both impact and abrasion. It is unaffected by many common chemicals and is totally waterproof. After an initial eight week testing period, E-Floor was then used to refurbish all production and manufacturing areas, helping Royal Doulton to bring their facilities up to the highest modern standards.


Royal Doulton