Project Location: Robinson High School, Tampa, Florida, USA

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Floor Coatings Specified for Moisture Suppression at Robinson High School, Tampa, Florida, USA

Moisture suppression prior to installation of decorative flooring.


After many years of unsolved problems with vinyl tiles repeatedly delaminating from the floors, the cause was finally established as osmotic blistering.

This was a consequence of there being no vapour barrier included when the four original classrooms were built in the 1950’s. The pressure generated by osmosis will cause blistering in impervious floor coatings and coverings applied over concrete and cementitious screeds.

The Solution

After thorough cleaning of the existing floor, Cemprotec E-Floor was the recommended treatment because it has shown not to blister or delaminate under conditions which give rise to osmosis. A single 2mm application is sufficient to control high moisture levels in the host concrete, and even green concrete can be treated with an E-Floor system. E-Floor incorporates advanced cement chemistry, metakaolin, fibre, epoxy and styrene acrylic copolymer technology to provide multifunctional protection. It is a durable finish in its own right, but can also be used as a means of controlling osmosis beneath other decorative flooring materials.


Robinson High School


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Floor Coatings Specified for Moisture Suppression