Project Location: Ammässuo Waste Treatment Centre, Finland

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Ammässuo Waste Treatment Centre, Finland - Concrete floor moisture suppression

Moisture suppression on 1200m² of concrete floor in a tunnel prior to applying a decorative epoxy coating.


Situated 30km to the west of Helsinki in Ämmässuo, Finland’s newest and largest waste treatment centre houses a modern compost handling system.

The design incorporates an underground tunnel requiring a highly chemical resistant epoxy floor finish. Due to the high water table, it was not possible to apply an epoxy coating directly on to a concrete surface. The end Client, YTV, was seeking a solution and consulted Flexcrete distributor PiiMat Oy for their specialist experience in this area.

The Solution

Cemprotec E-Floor is a 2mm polymer and epoxy modified cementitious coating which is easily applied by manual techniques, curing quickly to overcome the threat of moisture rising from the sub base. Applied over Cemprotec EF Primer, it offers excellent adhesion to the concrete and facilitates early over-coating with the chemical resistant finish. In Phase 1, circa 1200m² of E-Floor was applied and the result is so good that the Client has confirmed the use of the same system for the second phase of this prestige project.


Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council, YTV


Polarlattiat Oy, Finland

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