Project Location: W2R Lancashire Waste Treatment Facility

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Rapid Reinstatement of Concrete Floors at Waste Treatment Facility

Rapid reinstatement of concrete floors in demanding service conditions.


£125m was invested in this ultra-modern facility where up to 45% of Lancashire’s waste is treated in an internal processing environment to prevent noise and odour escaping.

Within one year of opening, the concrete floors have suffered extensive physical damage. This is caused by the abrasive action of the JCB front loaders which scrape up the waste and load it onto conveyor belts for sorting. In places the concrete was broken through to the steel reinforcement, requiring urgent repairs.

The Solutions

With only 4 days available for repairs to be undertaken to an area in excess of 400m², Fastfill was chosen as it is easily applied directly to saturated concrete substrate without a primer. The polymer modified formulation is non-shrinking and produces a durable, high strength repair with excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical attack. Fastfill was bulked out with a 5-10mm basalt aggregate to give a flowing mortar used at an average 40mm thickness. Fastfill meets the criteria for sever abrasion on floors, it is BBA certified and CE Marked in line with EN 1504 Part 3


Lancashire County Council


DSR Limited, for A.E.Yates