Project Location: Stockmann Department Store Q-Park, Helsinki

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Waterproof Concrete Floor Coating for Car Park in Helsinki

Waterproof, high strength friction wearing course for car park decking.


Q-Park stands for quality in parking with smart, safe and convenient facilities which are noted for stylish interior design. Q-Park designate individual parking bays with a distinctive black box which contrasts with a lighter surround to make it easy to park correctly.

At the Stockmann department store in central Helsinki, a decking system was needed to fully protect the structure from mechanical damage caused by studded tyres and the corrosive influence on embedded steel reinforcement caused by deposits of de-icing salts from vehicles.

The Solution

Cemprotec E-Floor matched all the project requirements, including colour coding of the parking bays. E-Floor is applied on to concrete without waiting for a 28 day cure period and the final slip resistant finish is produced with coloured aggregate cast into the surface. E-Floor is fully waterproof, it stops the ingress of chlorides and its high strength finish resists damage from tyres with metal studs. E-Floor is CE Marked to EN 1504-2 which includes fire testing to the demanding Euroclass fire rating in which the top result of A2FL-s1 is achieved.


Q-Park Finland


Tmi Mikko Salmelainen


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