Project Location: Drill Tower, Bristol

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Waterproofing Concrete Slabs on Bristol Fire Station Drill Tower

Waterproofing concrete slabs.


Avon Fire Brigade, responsible for fire prevention and control throughout the county of Avon, operates and maintains 23 fire stations. As the 880 fire-fighters are called to incidents in multi-storey buildings, all stations are equipped with tall practice or “drill” towers.

The Bristol Fire Station Drill Tower, a concrete frame with brick infill panels was open to the elements, allowing water to seep through the podium slab to cause considerable damage to the control and administration centre situated below.

The Solution

The surface was levelled and defects in the slab were filled with Monolevel 844SP, an advanced mortar with micro-silica, polymer and fibre technology. The repair was completed by overcoating the whole area with Cemprotec E-Floor. This polymer and epoxy modified cementitious coating provides a waterproof surface that is also durable, hard-wearing and has excellent resistance to abrasion with a silica sand broadcast to leave a slip resistant finish. The fact that it is a water-based material is also important in this confined environment


Avon Fire Brigade