Project Location: RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire

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Flexcrete's Repair Mortar Reinstates Concrete at RAF Airbase

Reinstatement to taxiways and hard-standings on military airbase.


A base for Squadrons of Nimrod and AWACS, RAF Waddington hosts visiting NATO aircraft, including the vertical take-off and landing Harrier Jump Jet. The concrete taxiways and hard-standings were showing signs of deterioration from weathering and chemical attack from aircraft hydraulic fluid, together with the ground erosion caused by Harrier movements. A cost-effective system was needed to reinstate and prevent the threat of foreign object damage (FOD).

The Solution

Voids and joint arises were reinstated using Fastfill, a rapid hardening, single pack repair mortar which needs just 2 hours curing before opening to aircraft movements. Following preparation and saturation with water, surfaces are sealed with Cemprotec EF Primer followed by a 2mm application of Cemprotec E-Floor, a cement and epoxy modified coating. Silica sand is immediately broadcast into the surface to cure and provide a slip resistant finish. Next day, excess sand is removed and the surface sealed with Sandseal 75, a chemically resistant clear polyurethane.


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