Project Location: Eaglescliffe Railway Station, Stockton-on-Tees

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Concrete Floor Repairs to Ramps Suffering from Freeze-Thaw Attack

Slip-Resistant Concrete Floor Repairs to Station’s Passenger Ramp


Eaglescliffe Railway Station serves Eaglescliffe town in Stockton-on-Tees. Located on the Tees Valley Line at the junction with the Northallerton-Eaglescliffe Line, it was first opened in 1853 and originally had four platforms, but the western pair were taken out of use in the late 1960’s and subsequently removed. The station only became manned in March 2012, following the opening of the ticket office, and direct intercity services are provided between London and Sunderland.

Access onto the island platform is via a ramped footbridge. Over the years, the passenger ramp had deteriorated significantly and there were large areas of concrete delamination and spalling. Remedial repairs had been carried out but these were showing signs of disbondment, thus a long-lasting concrete repair and protection system was required, comprising both localised repairs and overall deck protection.

The Solution

Following thorough preparation, Fastfill – a single component, Class R4, rapid setting structural repair mortar – was used for localised repairs, including several deep repairs as it can be applied up to 300mm in a single application. The whole ramp area was then sealed with Cemprotec EF Primer before Cemprotec E-Floor HB was poured onto the primed surface and spread to the required thickness of 3-6mm.

Cemprotec E-Floor HB is a self-smoothing, water-based, epoxy and polymer modified cementitious flooring system which provides concrete floors and decks with exceptional resistance against abrasion, water penetration, chloride ions and aggressive chemicals. It is CE marked in accordance with the demands of BS EN 1504. To enhance the skid and abrasion resistance of the ramped area, Cemprotec EF Grit was immediately broadcast into the Cemprotec E-Floor HB and once the complete system was fully cured, Cemprotec Sandseal 75, a clear polyurethane coating, was applied over the whole surface to effectively seal it. The result is an extremely hard-wearing, slip-resistant surface which will provide ultimate protection against foot traffic, wheelchair use, impact from heavy objects and attack from the elements.


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