Project Location: Ronaldsway Airport, Isle of Man

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Ronaldsway Airport, Isle of Man

Installation of new runway lights.


The Isle of Man Government has agreed a £44 million runway extension project at Ronaldsway Airport, which will see it achieve compliance with the 240m Runway End Safety Area (RESA) recommendation.

This will involve building a promontory into the sea in 2009, and once completed the main surfacing works will be undertaken. This work will support the Airport’s ability to manage and grow air services into the future. The project also covers the refurbishment of the main 08/26 runway and some of the taxiways, as part of an on-going programme of maintenance, which includes the replacement of runway lights.

The Solution

Existing runway lights are cored out and Fastfill, bulked out with 10mm aggregate, is used to reinstate the void achieving a strength of over 30N/mm² in just 2 hours. This enables the asphalting contractor to plane off the existing runway surface and replace with a new asphalt surface with minimal disruption to flights. Specialist sub-contractor Allied Drilling Ltd then return and core into the Fastfill before installing the new lights.


Isle of Man Government


Electrical Contractor: ATG Airports
Sub-Contractor: Allied Drilling Limited