Project Location: M40 Junction 4, Handy Cross Bridge

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Concrete Cover Reinstatement on Bridge Deck

Protection of Exposed Reinforcement & Reinstatement of Concrete Cover to M40 Bridge Deck


When planing the concrete bridge deck at Junction 4 of the M40 in preparation for the application of a waterproof membrane, too much of the concrete cover was removed.

In some areas, the steel reinforcement was also exposed. Emergency repairs were required to reinstate protection to the reinforcement and to build up the concrete cover. It was vital that the system chosen had rapid setting properties, as the work needed to be completed quickly to minimise disruption to traffic on this busy motorway.

The Solution

Steel Reinforcement Protector 841 was approved as an anti-corrosion coating to the steel reinforcement. Fastfill was specified as an overlay at average thickness of 25mm for an area of 300m², and for deeper patch repairs it was bulked out with sand. Over 10 tonnes of Fastfill was applied during a single weekend, enabling the waterproofing to be completed on time. Fastfill is a fast setting, high strength, polymer modified mortar that does not require a primer. Fastfill is CE Marked under EN 1504 Part 3. It is also BBA certified and complies with Highways Agency Standard BD 27/86.


Highways Agency

Consulting Engineer

Morgan Tucker



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