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Cemprotec 2000-BJT

Self-Adhesive Butyl Tape used for joining sections of Cemprotec 2000-S Overview Cemprotec 2000-BJT is a high performance butyl tape which is designed to join two pieces of Cemprotec 2000-S waterproof composite tape together. Embedded into our Cemprotec range of cementitious coatings, it forms an elastomeric joint between two lengths of Cemprotec 2000-S to accommodate movement…. Read more

Cemprotec Levelling Coat

Cementitious Self-Levelling Mortar for Concrete Floors Overview Cemprotec Levelling Coat is a two component, epoxy and polymer modified waterborne cementitious levelling screed designed to level out rough, tamped concrete prior to the application of a protective flooring system. It is designed to be used as a flowing screed prior to the application of Cemprotec E-Floor or Cemprotec E-Floor HB in applications… Read more

Cemprotec EF Grit

Quartz aggregate for abrasion and skid resistance within E-Floor systems Overview Cemprotec EF Grit is a quartz aggregate for abrasion and skid resistance within E-Floor systems.

Cemprotec EF Primer

Stabilises and Seals Cementitious & Asphalt Substrates Overview Cemprotec EF Primer is used to stabilise and seal cementitious and asphalt floors prior to the application of the Cemprotec range of cementitious coatings and mortars. It can overcome some inadequacies in surface preparation and helps minimise the risk of out-gassing from the substrate. Cemprotec EF Primer is a modified,… Read more

Cemprotec E-Floor HB

Epoxy and Polymer Modified Cementitious Flooring: 3-6mm (EN 1504-02) Overview Cemprotec E-Floor HB is a major advancement in flooring technology incorporating the benefits of copolymer and epoxy resin technologies into a self smoothing, water based, cementitious flooring system. This chemical combination gives a hard, durable 3-6mm thick coating with excellent resistance to abrasion, water, chloride ions… Read more

Cemprotec E-Floor

Epoxy and Polymer Modified Cementitious Flooring: 2mm (EN 1504-02) Overview Cemprotec E-Floor is a major advancement in flooring technology, incorporating the benefits of copolymer and epoxy resin technologies into a self smoothing, water based, cementitious system. This chemical combination gives a hard, durable 2mm thick coating with excellent resistance to abrasion, water, chloride ions and aggressive… Read more

Cemprotec E942

Epoxy and Polymer Modified Cementitious Coating (EN 1504-02) Overview Cemprotec E942 incorporates the benefits of copolymer and epoxy resin technologies into a water based cementitious system to give a hard, durable coating with excellent resistance to water, chloride ions, oxygen and aggressive chemicals. Cemprotec E942 can be used as a stand-alone anti-corrosion coating for ferrous metals… Read more

Cemprotec Elastic

Elastomeric Cementitious Modified Flexible Coating (EN1504-2) Overview Cemprotec Elastic is an elastomeric, cementitious modified, polymer-rich coating which maintains its flexibility under permanent immersion and when exposed externally. It is ideally suited for waterproofing and protecting concrete and masonry structures which exhibit cracking and where further movement is expected. When mixed Cemprotec Elastic exhibits a good degree of thixotropy to… Read more

Cementitious Coating 851

Surface Protection System – Protection against Ingress (EN1504-2, DWI 31, BBA, WRAS) Overview Cementitious Coating 851 is designed for internal and external structural waterproofing of concrete and other mineral substrates. Cementitious Coating 851 resists positive and negative pressure under 100m head in water retaining and below ground structures as well as roofs and decks. It provides… Read more

Cure-Seal WB

Water Based Curing Compound & Clear Sealer (BBA) Overview Cure-Seal WB is a non-degrading acrylic resin sealer which forms a clear, elastic, durable matrix on the surface of cementitious substrates. When used as a curing membrane on Flexcrete mortars and coatings, it conforms to the requirements for water retention given in ASTM C309. It can… Read more

Cemprotec Geo80

Reinforcement Mesh for Cementitious Coatings Overview Cemprotec Geo80 is a thermally bonded, non-woven geotextile designed for the reinforcement of elastomeric cementitious coatings such as Cemprotec Elastic. Based on 100% polypropylene polymers, it provides additional toughness to the coating film whilst remaining flexible. It is especially suited for use on roofs or other areas of cracked concrete… Read more

Cemprotec 2000-S

Flexible Waterproof Sealing Tape (WRAS) Overview Cemprotec 2000-S is an advanced, elastomeric, highly tear resistant, breathable, waterproof composite tape, which is embedded in the Cemprotec range of cementitious coatings to give a highly flexible, impermeable seal over “live” cracks and expansion or construction joints in waterproofing applications. Advantages Permanently elastomeric composite tape exhibiting over 600%… Read more

Cemprotec MCI® 2020

Surface Applied Corrosion Inhibitor Overview Cemprotec MCI® 2020 is a surface-applied corrosion inhibitor formulated to migrate through concrete on existing structures to seek out and help to protect the steel reinforcement. It should be used as part of the Flexcrete Concrete Repair and Protection System on reinforced concrete structures where additional protection is required, particularly… Read more

Monolevel RM

Fibre Reinforced, Waterproof, One-Coat Render Overview Monolevel RM is used for the rendering and profiling of in-situ and precast concrete on vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces. Monolevel RM  is a single component, thixotropic, fibre reinforced, polymer modified, cementitious mortar which cures rapidly to produce a high performance, waterproof, fair-faced render with enhanced polymeric properties. The product is supplied… Read more

Monolevel FC

Class R2 Fairing Coat (EN1504-3) Overview Monolevel FC is an engineering quality fairing coat for filling minor blow holes and defects, and for repairing surface imperfections. Monolevel FC can be used in thin screed applications to level both vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces and to reinstate cover while providing a fair faced anti-carbonation finish. Monolevel FC is a single… Read more

Monolevel 844SP

Class R4 Waterproof Screed & Pore Filler (EN1504-3, DWI 31, WRAS) Overview Monolevel 844SP is a fully waterproof, engineering quality fairing coat for filling minor blow holes and defects, and for repairing surface cavities and honeycombed concrete. Monolevel 844SP can be used in thin screed applications to level both vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces and to reinstate… Read more

Steel Reinforcement Protector 841

Reinforcement Corrosion Protection (EN1504-7, DWI 31, BBA) Overview Steel Reinforcement Protector 841 is a corrosion preventative, flexible coating to protect steel reinforcement prior to the application of the relevant Flexcrete concrete repair mortars. Steel Reinforcement Protector 841 consists of two components, a cementitious powder and a polymer dispersion which react chemically together to passivate, with the aid of corrosion… Read more

Monomix WS

Class R3 General Purpose Structural Spray Applied Repair Mortar (EN1504-3, DWI 31, BBA, WRAS) Overview Monomix WS is a low density, high strength, shrinkage compensated mortar, which can be applied by wet process spraying techniques for the structural repair, rendering and profiling of vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces. Monomix WS is a single component concrete repair mortar which… Read more

Monomix HD

Class R4 High Strength Structural Repair Mortar (EN1504-3) Overview Monomix HD is a high strength, waterproof, shrinkage compensated, standard density mortar with good abrasion resistance for the structural repair, rendering and profiling of vertical, overhead and horizontal surfaces including trafficked areas. Monomix HD is a single component cementitious repair mortar which incorporates the most advanced cement chemistry,… Read more


Class R3 General Purpose Structural Repair Mortar (EN1504-3, DWI 31, BBA, WRAS) Overview Monomix is a low density, high strength, shrinkage compensated, waterproof mortar for the structural repair, rendering and profiling of vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces. Monomix is a single component cementitious repair mortar which incorporates the most advanced cement chemistry, microsilica, fibre and styrene acrylic copolymer… Read more


Class R2 Lightweight Concrete Repair Mortar (EN1504-3) Overview Monolite is a lightweight, high build, shrinkage compensated, polymer modified mortar for the repair, rendering and profiling of concrete, brick or stone substrates. Monolite is a single component cementitious mortar which incorporates the most advanced cement chemistry, microsilica, fibre and styrene acrylic copolymer technology. This results in a rapid… Read more

Fastfill WP

Rapid Setting Water Plugging Mortar Overview Fastfill WP is a rapid setting, polymer modified cementitious water plugging mortar for arresting water seepage and infiltration under pressure through cracks, joints and voids in concrete and masonry. Fastfill WP can also be used for rapid sealing and jointing in and around pipework, or in water retaining structures. Fastfill WP is a single component,… Read more


Class R4 Rapid Setting Structural Repair Mortar (EN1504-03, DWI 31, WRAS, BBA) Overview Fastfill is a rapid setting, Portland cement-based structural mortar for the durable repair of concrete which cannot be taken out of service for long periods, or in areas subjected to heavy wear such as roads, runways, bridges, decks, floors and footpaths. Fastfill can be… Read more

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Over 300 Significant Concrete Repairs for Major Nuclear Power Station

Concrete Repair Solution Helps Enhance Durability and Achieve Specified Design Life Background Hinkley Point B is a nuclear power station located near Bridgewater in Somerset. Construction began in 1967 and it comprised the first Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor to generate electricity to the grid in the UK. It now produces up to 965 megawatts of electricity,… Read more

Repairs to Concrete Support Base on Railway in Italy

Repair work to concrete support base of 1,084m long line Background The Como-Brunate funicular railway links the city of Como with the village of Brunate in Lombardy, Italy. In operation since 1894 and the only one of its kind in Europe, the service is used by both tourists and local residents and offers spectacular views… Read more

Concrete Repairs for 1970s Seaside Wall in Devon

Repair & Protection of 300m Long Concrete Sea Wall Background Dawlish Warren is a popular seaside holiday resort at the mouth of the Exe Estuary in South Devon. It has a 500 acre Nature Reserve and a Blue Flag sand-dune backed beach. Dawlish Sea Wall is approximately 300m long and dates back to the 1970’s. Based in a… Read more

Flexcrete’s Structural Mortar Chosen for London Bridge Railway Station

Enhancing concrete durability and extending design life. Background London Bridge station, built in the 1830’s, is one of the oldest railway stations in the world. Located South East of London Bridge on the River Thames, it is the fourth busiest station in UK, bringing some 50 million passengers into the capital each year. A £400m redevelopment of the station… Read more

External Concrete Protection Required in Demanding Exposure Conditions

3,620m² Durable External Protection for Reinforced Concrete Transmitter Tower Background This Radio and Television (RTV) Transmitter Tower is situated in the Krvavec Mountains in Slovenia’s Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Around 100 metres high and based at an altitude of 1,740 metres, it is the largest and most important Transmitting Centre in Slovenia, supplying the radio and TV network… Read more

Concrete Repairs to Haweswater Aqueduct Cumbria

Fast Setting Repairs to Concrete Sections of Lined Tunnels Background Haweswater Aqueduct supplies drinking water to around two million homes across South Cumbria, Central Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Comprising one of the UK’s largest and most important water pipes, the aqueduct is 110km long and hundreds of feet below ground level in parts. Considered an example… Read more

Concrete Repairs & Protective, Decorative Coating for Transmission Tower

Repair & Protection for Reinforced Concrete Transmission Bases Background These high voltage transmission towers in Japan support overhead power lines. Comprising steel lattice towers, their bases are of reinforced concrete construction and over time, due to weathering and attack from chlorides, carbon dioxide, water ingress and freeze/thaw attack particularly during the aggressive winter period, the exposed… Read more

Render System Protects Platform Tunnels in Heathrow Express

Application of Decorative Render to 8,500m² of Platform Tunnels Background Travelling via the Heathrow Express high-speed rail link is the fastest means of journeying between Central London and Heathrow Airport. Taking just 15 minutes from Paddington Station to Heathrow Airport, 16,000 passengers travel via the Heathrow Express daily and since the service was launched in June… Read more

Concrete Cover Enhancement on London Underground Substation

Enhancement of Cover to Freshly Laid Ground Floor Slab Background West Ham London Underground connects to the Circle, District, Hammersmith and City, Jubilee Underground lines and the Docklands Light Railway. It is a busy transport hub in East London and was made one of three transport ‘hotspots’ feeding the London 2012 Games. As part of plans… Read more

Concrete Repair & Anti-Carbonation Protection for Grade II Listed Bridge

Concrete Repair & Protection, followed by Anti-carbonation Decorative Finish Background Holt Fleet Bridge is a 200-year old, Grade II listed structure which carries the busy A443 across the River Severn. Spanning 46 metres, the historic bridge was originally designed by Thomas Telford – one of Britain’s greatest engineers – and was opened in 1928. The cast… Read more

Concrete Repairs to Combat Carbonation & Chloride Attack on Bridge

Concrete Repair & Protection System for Concrete Bridge Elements Background Jubilee Bridge was originally constructed in 1935 and was named to commemorate the silver jubilee of King George V. Based in Ashton-under-Lyne, the bridge spans the National Cycle Network Route 66 which runs from Hull to Manchester. As a result of carbonation and chloride attack,… Read more

Concrete Repair & Protection of Culvert

Refurbishment of Double Culvert to Protect Exposed Steel Reinforcement Background Leigh and Wigan in Lancashire are at high risk of localised flooding when heavy rainfall, land drainage or sewer problems occur. To reduce this risk, Wigan Borough Council commenced a £12.6 million Flood Alleviation Scheme, part of which involved the repair and protection of Millingford Brook… Read more

Concrete Repairs to Spalled & Delaminated Areas on Motorway Bridges

Repairs to Concrete Elements of Motorway Bridges Background In 2007 Aone+, a joint venture comprising Halcrow, Colas and Costain, was appointed by the Highways Agency as Managing Agent Contractor for Area 10 – one of the largest and busiest road networks in the UK. Located in the North West of England and carrying the highest… Read more

Concrete Cover Reinstatement on Bridge Deck

Protection of Exposed Reinforcement & Reinstatement of Concrete Cover to M40 Bridge Deck Background When planing the concrete bridge deck at Junction 4 of the M40 in preparation for the application of a waterproof membrane, too much of the concrete cover was removed. In some areas, the steel reinforcement was also exposed. Emergency repairs were required to… Read more

Concrete Repairs to Cracked & Delaminated Render

Concrete Refurbishment of Platform 1 Station Building Background With around 500,000 passengers using Bangor Railway Station every year, the station is the busiest on the North Wales coast. Over the years, the station infrastructure had dilapidated, as it occupies an exposed site subject to damaging and prevailing wet westerly winds. Network Rail commissioned a major… Read more

Reinstatement of Concrete Cover & Chloride Protection for Motorway Bridge

Reinstatement of Concrete Cover & Chloride Protection on Bridge Deck Background Flexcrete has been closely associated with the various phases of repair works on the original structure which carries the M6 Motorway over the Manchester Ship Canal. Having supplied all the repair materials for the 1987 refurbishment, Flexcrete was again consulted with regard to low concrete… Read more

Concrete Repairs to Slip-Formed Waste Bunker Walls

Concrete repairs to slip formed concrete in the waste storage bunker Background The Riverside Resource Recovery (RRR) Energy from Waste facility was constructed at Belvedere in the London Borough of Bexley. It began operation in 2011 and is one of the UK’s most efficient energy recovery plants, processing waste from households and businesses in central London, as well as… Read more

Reinstatement of Concrete Cover on Busy Wembley Footbridge

Reinstatement of Concrete Cover on Recently Cast Abutments Background The White Horse Bridge is a state-of-the-art £20 million footbridge that crosses Wembley Stadium Railway Station leading up to the new Wembley Stadium. Constructed in 2006 and designed by London Eye architects Marks Barfield, the name of the bridge was decided via an online poll hosted… Read more

Reinstatement of Concrete Tram Rail Base

Reinstatement of Sealing of Tram Rails Background Manchester’s Metrolink was Britain’s first modern street-running tramway when it opened in April 1992. Due to excessive wear, the concrete base of the tramway exiting from Victoria Station had been replaced. Grooves were saw-cut to allow for the installation of new rails. However, rainwater and surface water had… Read more

Concrete Reinstatement for Honeycombed Concrete Walls

Reinstating Honeycombed Concrete Walls at Waste Processing Plant Background This state of the art £125m waste processing plant has been built in Thornton Cleveleys in Lancashire on the site of the former ICI works by W2R, a partnership between Bovis Lend Lease and Australian firm GRD Minproc Ltd, on behalf of Lancashire Waste Partnership. It… Read more

Refurbishment & Repointing of Concrete Weir

Concrete Refurbishment of Weir to Modify Profile & Ease Passage of Fish Background Situated beneath Bridge 106, which carries the West Coast main railway line over the River Lune, this concrete weir, constructed in 1979, is composed of a concrete, two tier slab spanning between the bridge abutments. Exposed concrete surfaces needed refurbishment to make good the effects… Read more

Reinstatement of Concrete Cover on Viaduct Expressway

Reinstatement of Effective Cover on Pre-cast Concrete Segments Background Built on reclaimed land, the West Kowloon Expressway opened to traffic in 1997. This four kilometre highway runs from Kwai Chung Viaduct to the Western Harbour Crossing toll plaza, carrying traffic out to Hong Kong International Airport. Whilst the southern section is at ground level, the… Read more

Enhanced Concrete Cover for Bridge Beams

Additional Concrete Cover & Waterproofing to Pre-cast, Pre-stressed Bridge Beams Background Starting in 2011, the Riverside Energy from Waste (EFW) Facility at Belvedere will process 585,000 tonnes of residual waste annually to generate electricity for 66,000 homes in London. To minimise congestion on the roads, the waste will be transported by barge along the River Thames to a… Read more

Concrete Repair & Protection of Bridge Suffering Chloride Induced Corrosion

Repair & Protection of Spalling Concrete Bridge Parapets & Soffits Background Wycoller’s origins date back to Anglo-Saxon times, becoming derelict in 1890 despite being a thriving farming and weaving community. Nestling in the area known as the Valley of the Seven Bridges, Wycoller Hall is famous for being the inspiration for Ferndean Manor in Charlotte Bronte’s novel… Read more

Concrete Repair for Bridge Columns

Concrete Repair of Bridge Columns Suffering from Chloride Ion Corrosion Background The picturesque old fishing village of Leigh on Sea is situated 30 miles east of London on the north bank of the Thames Estuary. With history back to the Doomsday Book, its development was accelerated by the arrival of the London-Tilbury-Southend railway line in 1854. Belton… Read more

Chloride Ingress & Freeze/Thaw Protection for Alpine Bridges

Protection against Chloride Ingress from De-icing Salts & Freeze/Thaw Cycling on Alpine Bridges Background Motorway bridges in this Alpine region are exposed every winter to sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow, needing liberal use of de-icing salts to keep them open. Such salts, combined with frequent freeze-thaw cycling, impose a heavy burden on reinforced concrete structures… Read more

Concrete Waterproofing & Protection on Water Intake Passages

Waterproofing & Protection of Water Intake Passages Suffering from ASR (Alkali-Silica Reaction) Background Mactaquac Dam is part of a hydroelectric plant on the Saint John River in the Canadian province of New Brunswick operated by NB Power Corporation. It has a capacity of 672 megawatts with 6 turbines generating 20% of New Brunswick’s power. Building started in… Read more

Concrete Repairs to Leaking Cooling Tower in Florida

Rapid Concrete Repairs & Waterproofing of Cooling Tower Basin Background WindMark Beach is a 2,020 acre residential and resort community in the historic town of Port St Joe located in Northwest Florida, which has been carefully designed to compliment and respond to its coastal environment and over 1,000 acres of the community are placed in… Read more

Rapid Reinstatement of Concrete Manhole Cover

Permanent Reinstatement of Concrete Manhole Cover on A406 North Circular Road Background Urgent repairs were needed to a dilapidated concrete infill manhole cover in the western bore of Fore Street Tunnel. This forms part of a heavily trafficked main ring-road around London. The first thought was to make a temporary localised repair with an acrylic/epoxy… Read more

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Flexcrete’s Concrete Repair Products Restore 200 Year Old Bridge

Thanks to Flexcrete, the historic Holt Fleet Bridge near Worcester has been restored to its former glory as part of a £1.1 million project to repair and strengthen the structure. Originally designed by Thomas Telford – one of Britain’s greatest engineers – and opened in 1828, this complex cast iron structure was strengthened some 100… Read more

Flexcrete’s Concrete Repair and Protection System Restores Jubilee Bridge

At Flexcrete, we provide tried and tested solutions for the repair of a range of civil engineering structures, including bridges. In one of our latest projects, a complete Flexcrete concrete repair and protection system was used for the upgrade of Jubilee Bridge in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester on behalf of Tameside Metropolitan Council. Jubilee Bridge was… Read more

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