Project Location: Belton Bridge, Leigh on Sea

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Repair of concrete bridge columns suffering from chloride ion corrosion

Concrete Repair of Bridge Columns Suffering from Chloride Ion Corrosion


The picturesque old fishing village of Leigh on Sea is situated 30 miles east of London on the north bank of the Thames Estuary. With history back to the Doomsday Book, its development was accelerated by the arrival of the London-Tilbury-Southend railway line in 1854. Belton Bridge was built in 1955/6 to carry the road over the railway line and a car park as part of the Town’s Development Plan and the electrification of the rail line. Failed joints had allowed de-icing salts to penetrate into the concrete columns causing extensive corrosion of the reinforcement and spalling of the concrete.

The Solution

Main contractor Fitzpatrick, who were repairing the corroded bearings, selected a high strength concrete repair mortar Monomix because of its ability to be applied in single layers up to 80mm thick without slumping. Simple in application and use, the work was done by their own team. It cures rapidly to form a durable finish with excellent resistance to water and chloride ions to give long-term protection. It is BBA Certified and complies with Highways Agency Specification BD 27/86 as well as being CE Marked in accordance with EN 1504 Part 3.


Southend Borough Council