Project Location: Metrolink Manchester

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Reinstatement of Concrete Tram Rail Base

Reinstatement of Sealing of Tram Rails


Manchester’s Metrolink was Britain’s first modern street-running tramway when it opened in April 1992.

Due to excessive wear, the concrete base of the tramway exiting from Victoria Station had been replaced. Grooves were saw-cut to allow for the installation of new rails. However, rainwater and surface water had penetrated into the gaps between the rails and the concrete, causing shorting of the electrical circuit. To correct this, the client required a solution which was quick to install in order to minimise disruption to its busy schedule.

The Solution

The client called upon the expertise of specialist airport contractor Allied Drilling to provide the solution. Having used Fastfill on their airport contracts, Allied Drilling were aware of its rapid setting and early strength development which, combined with low shrinkage and high ultimate strength, were ideal properties for this application. The infill work was carried out on overnight shifts, enabling minimal disruption to the operation of the tramway. Fastfill is CE Marked as a Class R4 mortar in accordance with EN1504 Part 3 and is BBA Certified.


Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive (GMPTE)


Allied Drilling Limited


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