Project Location: Smithy Clough Bridge, Wycoller

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Concrete Repair & Protection for Bridge Suffering Chloride Induced Corrosion

Repair & Protection of Spalling Concrete Bridge Parapets & Soffits


Wycoller’s origins date back to Anglo-Saxon times, becoming derelict in 1890 despite being a thriving farming and weaving community. Nestling in the area known as the Valley of the Seven Bridges, Wycoller Hall is famous for being the inspiration for Ferndean Manor in Charlotte Bronte’s novel “Jane Eyre”. In 1973 Lancashire County Council purchased the land and made it a Country Park, and Smithy Clough Bridge was built shortly after to provide access to the village. Reinforced concrete parapets and strings, as well as the soffits, were showing signs of chloride induced corrosion and concrete spalling from de-icing salts.

The Solution

As Lancashire County Council required a concrete repair system which was CE Marked in accordance with EN 1504 Part 3 and was easy to apply by their own Engineering Team, the Flexcrete System was chosen. After preparation, all exposed steel was coated with Steel Reinforcement Protector 841 and removed concrete reinstated with Monomix, a high build structural grade mortar that can be applied in a single layer of 80mm even to soffits.


Lancashire County Council, Engineering Services East


Lancashire County Council, Engineering Services East