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Cemprotec Levelling Coat

Cementitious Self-Levelling Mortar for Concrete Floors Overview Cemprotec Levelling Coat is a two component, epoxy and polymer modified waterborne cementitious levelling screed designed to level out rough, tamped concrete prior to the application of a protective flooring system. It is designed to be used as a flowing screed prior to the application of Cemprotec E-Floor or Cemprotec E-Floor HB in applications… Read more

Cemprotec EF Grit

Quartz aggregate for abrasion and skid resistance within E-Floor systems Overview Cemprotec EF Grit is a quartz aggregate for abrasion and skid resistance within E-Floor systems.

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Full Package of Repair & Protection Products for Jetty

Extensive Remedial Work Required on Electricity Pylon Jetty. Background A Complex Project Requiring a Single Source Solution This was a complex project and Flexcrete products were chosen as we could supply a full package of products for concrete repair, anti-carbonation, levelling and anti-slip deck protection. Once the defective concrete was cut out on the legs… Read more

Cementitious Flooring System Protects Helipad in Extreme Conditions

Protection of 450m² Helipad. Background Rega is a Swiss Air-Rescue service which comes to the aid of people in distress, providing medical assistance by air. A privately run, not-for-profit organisation funded by almost 2.5 million patrons, Rega organised almost 14,000 rescue missions in 2012, primarily dealing with winter sport, road, occupational and Alpine accidents. Rega’s… Read more

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Superior Protection of Concrete Floors in Sub-Zero Conditions

  Coating an external floor or deck can be demanding, but when it has to withstand snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures and both abrasion and impact damage from incoming helicopters, a very special solution is sought. This was the case for a challenging project at Locarno Airport in Switzerland for Rega, the Swiss Air-Rescue Service which… Read more

Flexcrete’s Products are CPR Compliant

Declaration of Performance (DoP) The construction industry has recently undergone the most significant change for a decade in the way in which construction products are sold throughout Europe. From 1 July 2013, under the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR), it is mandatory for manufacturers to apply CE marking to any of their products which are… Read more