Project Location: Thirlmere Aqueduct

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Concrete Repair and Waterproofing Solution for Thirlmere Aqueduct

Repair and waterproofing of masonry and concrete aqueduct.


The 134km long Thirlmere Aqueduct was commissioned in 1894 and supplies up to 250,000m³ of raw water a day from the Thirlmere Reservoir in the English Lake District to the Lostock WTW, to satisfy the needs of over 1million people in the Manchester area.

Its most common form of construction is cut and cover consisting of ‘D’ or horseshoe section concrete covered channels. In 2005, the first 34km section was fully drained for inspection and in following years, outages occurred to allow for further inspection and the necessary essential maintenance to be carried out.

The Solution

Although inspections revealed the 101 year old structure to be in very good condition, a considerable number of repairs were needed to ensure the continuing longevity of the structure. Working under main contractor Daniels Contractors Ltd, various projects have been undertaken to carry out repairs to the base and base/wall joint using Monomix, Fastfill and Monolevel 844SP. These products, which are simply mixed with water, have DWI Regulation 31 Approval and their ease of use make them ideal for use in confined, remote locations.


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