Project Location: Tilbury Syphon Sewage Treatment Works, Essex

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Tilbury Syphon Sewage Treatment Works, Essex

Refurbishment and re-lining of process facilities for the dirty water industry.


Anglian Water have an ongoing requirement to maintain the many sumps and syphons which service their sewage treatment works around the region.

The traditional method of upgrading has been to install a precast concrete base unit before backfilling and grouting. To achieve a fast turn round on projects, historically epoxy resin mortars have been used with epoxy paint systems applied to protect the new precast units. With the twin objectives of cost reduction and the desire to move away from the use of hazardous materials, alternative methods were evaluated.

The Solution

The prospect of using water-based products held immediate appeal. Fastfill, a Portland cement mortar with rapid setting and high strength properties was used instead of the epoxy mortar. Recognising the advantages of epoxy and polymer cement chemistry, Cemprotec E942 was the specified coating. Fastfill and Cemprotec E942 have proven resistance to H2S attack, a primer is not required to promote adhesion and there are no fumes released during application. Both products are CE Marked to BS EN 1504.


Anglian Water


Stonbury Limited on behalf of Skanska Technology