Project Location: Hartlepool North Pier

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Hartlepool North Pier

Re-pointing and stabilisation of stone faced pier in a tidal zone.


Hartlepool’s North Pier is a mass gravity structure faced with stone that was built in the early part of the 19th century. A survey of the coastline had revealed that rising sea levels and the continual pounding of waves from the North Sea had left some sections of the coast in serious danger of collapse.

The North Pier was determined to be most at risk and the highest priority for attention. With costs estimated at £17m for complete repair, Hartlepool Borough Council awarded an emergency contract valued at £600,000 to stabilise the fabric of the structure.

The Solution

Working within a narrow tidal window, Hartlepool Borough Council required a rapid setting mortar that could be easily applied yet would quickly resist the harsh marine conditions. Fastfill, a Portland cement based, rapid hardening mortar, which is CE marked in accordance with EN 1504 Part 3 and easily installed through a hand held pointing gun was specified for the project. The work was carried out by Seymour Civil Engineering, one of the largest Contractors in the area with a proven track record in coastal engineering.


Hartlepool Borough Council


Seymour (Civil Engineering Contractors) Limited

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