Project Location: City of Dunedin Wastewater Treatment Works, Florida, USA

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Concrete Protection at Wastewater Treatment Works in Florida

Reinstatement and protection of concrete clarifiers from waste water.


The city of Dunedin’s Wastewater Treatment facility processes over 6 million gallons of wastewater each day, and was experiencing severe degradation of the concrete within its two clarifiers.

The concrete was made using limestone aggregate, which was being severely eroded by the acids in the effluent and the chlorine added as part of the treatment.

The Solution

Cemprotec E942, an advanced cement and epoxy modified polymer coating was chosen to provide long term protection in this aggressive environment because of its excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Following removal of contamination and unsound concrete, Fastfill, a rapid setting repair mortar, was used to reinstate the weirs and effluent troughs prior to the application of Monolevel 844SP, a cementitious fairing coat for filling minor defects. 2mm of Cemprotec E942 was then applied to provide long term protection. Work on the first clarifier was completed in 2004 and the second treated the year after. An inspection in 2007, has shown the system to be performing well.


City of Dunedin, Florida, USA


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