Project Location: Bolton School, Lancashire

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Waterproofing of Brickwork at Bolton School in Lancashire

Waterproofing of brickwork to provide a full tanking system.


With almost 2,400 pupils, Bolton School is one of the largest independent day schools in the country. It also counts as one of the oldest schools in Lancashire, with a history stretching back 500 years. Set in 32 acres of impressive grounds, Bolton School provides a local landmark with imposing pink sandstone buildings complete with Neo-Gothic façades and turrets.

Bolton School caters for children from 0-18 years, with a co-educational nursery and infant school and single sex junior and senior schools with sixth forms. Many household names are former pupils, including actor Sir Ian McKellen, Nobel prize winner Sir Harry Kroto and Dame Janet Smith.

The school’s current buildings were constructed between 1930-1960. The Boys’ Undercroft building connects two sections of the school and is partly located below ground. In order to provide additional classroom space, the school wished to refurbish the Undercroft, however dampness was present on the internal brickwork walls of the structure and a repair and protection system was sought which could withstand these conditions.

The Solution

A system comprising Monolevel 844SP and Cementitious Coating 851 was used to provide a full tanking system. Monolevel 844SP waterproof screed and pore filler was first applied by trowel at a thickness of 3mm to level the brickwork surface and provide a fair faced finish. Cementitious Coating 851 was then spray applied in two coats to provide exceptional waterproofing properties, being able to resist 10 bar positive and negative pressure. It also protects substrates from the effects of aggressive acid gases, moisture, chlorides and chemicals. Both products are easily and rapidly applied, maintain excellent adhesion even in damp environments and are CE marked in accordance with the demands of BS EN 1504. With quick curing times and minimal time required between applications, this system allowed the work to be carried out on a fast-track basis. Fastfill, a rapid setting structural repair mortar, was also applied as a waterproof fillet to the wall/floor angle.


Bolton School

Main Contractor

Rosslee Construction


Hawkins Construction Limited