Project Location: Wigan Waste Water Treatment Works

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lexcete's Repair Mortars Chosen For Wigan Waste Water Treatment Works

Repair of concrete storm water overflow & settlement tanks.


Wigan WWTW, situated near to the River Douglas in Lancashire, is one of the largest treatment works in the North West, but United Utilities wished to increase the capacity of the works and reduce overflow into the river. Designed by GHA Livigunn, the improvements included construction of new storm water tanks and the refurbishment of existing tanks including settlement tanks.

As part of their First Tier Framework Contract, the GCA was employed to carry out the work and they sub-contracted the refurbishment works to RAM Services Ltd.

The Solution

Monomix, a medium density, high strength, polymer modified repair mortar was chosen for the repairs to the walls of the tank due to its ease of use, high build properties and long history of use in United Utilities projects. Monolevel 844SP, an engineering quality fair coat with exceptional waterproof qualities was chosen for the reinstatement of the concrete to the top of the walls. Fastfill, a rapid setting R with a proven track record, was chosen to reinstate damage to arrises between concrete panels.


United Utilities


Main: Galliford Costain Atkins Joint Venture (GCA)

Sub-Contractor: RAM Services Ltd