Project Location: Portsmouth Revetments

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Concrete Waterproofing on Portsmouth Revetments

Waterproof pointing of concrete block joints on revetment walls.


The main A27 trunk road near Portsmouth runs adjacent to revetment walls which form the boundary to Farlington Marshes on the northern shore of Langstone Harbour.

Home to many bird populations, Farlington is a blaze of colour in spring and summer with many flowers and butterflies. The joints between the concrete blocks which form the revetment walls had failed, necessitating replacement with a durable material that would have the minimum of environmental impact on this important wildlife reserve.

The Solution

Over 34 tonnes of Fastfill was used, bulked out with aggregate for ease of application into the joints. The fast setting properties allowed work to continue without the threat of tides washing the mortar out. Fastfill does not shrink, and it is waterproof to resist freeze thaw cycles in this exposed location. Fastfill is a safe formulation which benefits from DWI approval, making it suitable even for contact with drinking water. It is simply mixed on site with water and does not require a substrate primer. Fastfill is BBA certified and classified as an R4 mortar in compliance with BS EN 1504 Part 3.


Enterprise Mouchel on behalf of The Environment Agency


BAM Nuttall – Phase 1 & Raymond Brown Construction – Phase 2