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Cemprotec Elastic

Elastomeric Cementitious Modified Flexible Coating (EN1504-2) Overview Cemprotec Elastic is an elastomeric, cementitious modified, polymer-rich coating which maintains its flexibility under permanent immersion and when exposed externally. It is ideally suited for waterproofing and protecting concrete and masonry structures which exhibit cracking and where further movement is expected. When mixed Cemprotec Elastic exhibits a good degree of thixotropy to… Read more

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Basement Waterproofing in Manchester Spinningfields

Waterproofing system for secant piled basement Background The Cotton Building is currently under construction in Manchester’s busy Spinningfields district. Due for completion in April 2016, it will comprise 160,000ft² of commercial office space and over 30,000ft² of public amenity space. Two basement levels are being used to provide parking, plant requirements and a gym and… Read more

Green Roof Waterproofing Projects in Hong Kong

Green roof waterproofing. Background Hong Kong’s Water Supplies Department (WSD) operates around 20 seafront Pumping Stations that supply water to Hong Kong residents. These include Shatin Seafront Pumping Station in Shatin New Town, one of the fastest growing urban areas in Hong Kong. WSD also operates the Tai Po Water Treatment Works (WTW) which supplies… Read more

Flexcrete’s Waterproofing System Applied on Chester Road Bridge

Cementitious waterproofing and aesthetic finish with Monodex Smooth covering an area spanning over 160m². Background Chester Road Rail Bridge passes the main road near Deansgate Station in Manchester. A prominent landmark in the city centre, the bridge allows trains to enter Deansgate Station which was first opened in 1849. Several regional trains stop at Deansgate… Read more

Green Roof Waterproofing at Australian International School in Hong Kong

Green Roof Waterproofing over an area of 725m². Background The Australian International School provides primary and secondary education to over eleven hundred students. The school has an innovative green roof design which creates an open air, eco-friendly work space able to accommodate two classes at the same time. The roof space features an Australian-themed garden… Read more

Fast-Track Concrete Repair Solution for London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2A

Over-banding of day joints to 2500m² floor screed. Background The construction of Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 2 building (T2A) is one of the UK’s largest privately funded building projects. The new ultra-modern Terminal 2 is due to open to passengers in 2014, eventually accommodating 20 million passengers annually. It forms part of a five-year, £4.8 billion… Read more

Basement Waterproofing at London’s Palace Theatre

Basement waterproofing solution for London landmark. Background London’s Theatreland is famous the world over and attracts large numbers of UK and international visitors. Cleanliness in the urban environment is of great importance, and standard procedure for Westminster City Council is to wash the streets every night. This has caused major water ingress problems in the basement of the Palace… Read more

Waterproofing of Concrete Floors and Sheet Piles in Basements

Waterproofing of sheet piles and floor slabs in a basement. Background Westminster City school is a non-diocesan, voluntary aided, all ability school, which has been situated in the Victoria area of London since 1877. As part of Westminster City Council’s £152 million investment in the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) Programme, the school obtained… Read more

Concrete Waterproofing and Repair on Service Reservoir Roofs

Concrete waterproofing and repair of 4,000m² of  service reservoir roofs. Background As the fourth largest supplier of water and waste water services in the UK, Scottish Water is familiar with the challenges of maintaining various retaining structures. In the quest to source an innovative range of products to arrest the deterioration of a large number… Read more

Waterproof Internal Lining at HM Naval Base

Waterproof Internal Lining for Buoyancy Cells to Prevent Water Seepage Background Named after the first British built nuclear powered submarine, the £130m Valiant Jetty has been designed to serve the latest Astute Class submarine. Constructed in dry dock by Amec-Morgan Est JV at Inchgreen, Greenock, the 44,000 tonne jetty was towed by tugs to its final… Read more

Waterproofing Concrete at Kinderlee Mill in Derbyshire

Waterproofing sub-structure concrete on new build development. Background Balfour Homes is one of the North of England’s leading house builder. At its prestigious Kinderlee Mill Development at Chisworth in the Peak District, the magnificent stone built cotton mill, dating back to 1804, is being converted into a range of contemporary apartments and townhouses whilst still retaining the original appearance and… Read more

Concrete Waterproofing on Dam Control Tower

Waterproofing of Concrete & Construction Joints on 6,000m² Control Tower Background During construction of this dam on the Ifrin River in Northern Syria it was found that the concrete used in the Control Tower was weaker than originally specified and therefore more vulnerable to water ingress. Moreover, the construction joints were not watertight and urgent work was… Read more

Waterproofing Roofs of Clunyhill Service Reservoirs

Waterproofing of reservoir roofs. Background To provide a structure for its above-ground maintenance needs, Scottish Water formed the HAGAM scheme in order to manage the 25 service reservoirs servicing the north of Scotland. As the 4th largest water service provider in the UK and the 12th biggest business in Scotland, special demands are placed upon… Read more

Waterproofing of Concrete Roofs at Major AirForce Base

Waterproofing of 11 concrete hangar roofs totalling 2,000m² at major AirForce base. Background RAF Leuchars, based close to Dundee in Scotland, is the principal operational fighter station for the Royal Air Force and one of the busiest bases in Air Command. RAF Leuchars plays a critical part in the defence of the UK and its territorial waters. It… Read more

Concrete Waterproofing & Protection on Water Intake Passages

Waterproofing & Protection of Water Intake Passages Suffering from ASR (Alkali-Silica Reaction) Background Mactaquac Dam is part of a hydroelectric plant on the Saint John River in the Canadian province of New Brunswick operated by NB Power Corporation. It has a capacity of 672 megawatts with 6 turbines generating 20% of New Brunswick’s power. Building started in… Read more

Waterproofing Concrete Tanks at Weiser Wastewater Treatment Plant

Waterproofing of concrete aeration basin and sealing of leaking kicker joints. Background The aeration basin building at the Weiser Wastewater Plant consists of four inter-connected concrete tanks as well as the head works for the sewage treatment plant. This part of the plant dates back to 1987 and consists of cast in-situ concrete. Despite several… Read more

Concrete Waterproofing and Protection of Historic Bridge

Waterproofing and freeze-thaw protection of mass concrete counterweights on historic bridge. Background Since its construction in 1922, Connecticut Dept. of Transport has carefully maintained the Route 1 Mystic River Bridge which links the townships of Groton and Stonington. Over the decades, the repeated cycling of freezing and thawing during the wintertime, and the effects of… Read more

Structural Repair & Protection of Strategic Coastal Defence Structure

Comprehensive Repair & Protection for Stairways, Lintels & Command Post Roof Background The Heugh Gun Battery dates back to Napoleonic time, with the current structure completed in 1860, and had its name cast into the history of the Great War by defending Hartlepool and the UK mainland from the East Coast Bombardment on 16 December 1914…. Read more

Bridge Concrete Repair & Protection to Combat Water & Chloride Ingress

Protection from Chloride & Water Ingress on Cracked Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Background On this section of State Route 8, the supporting columns had previously been repaired with Shotcrete to replace unsound, chloride contaminated concrete. However, this remedial work was unsuccessful, resulting in crack formation to leave the cathodic protection grid exposed to the elements. These… Read more

Waterproofing Floors of Bathroom Enclosures in Prestigious Hotel Resort

Waterproofing of bathroom enclosures in a prestigious hotel resort. Background Owing to a combination of inadequacies in design and poor workmanship, it was soon evident that the bathroom areas of the 5 Star 998 room Diplomat Hotel complex were suffering from water leakage through to the floors below. The Client sought an immediate and cost… Read more

Waterproofing Concrete Structures on Japan Highways

Effective waterproofing to arrest alkali silica reaction and protection from chloride ingress. Background In maintaining its reinforced concrete structures against the normally anticipated demands of weather extremes and attack by de-icing salts, the Japanese Highway Authorities must also contend with cracking caused by ASR – alkali silica reaction. In the presence of water, alkalies from… Read more

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The Need to Maintain & Refurbish Water Assets

Chris Lloyd and Graham James of Flexcrete Technologies give detail of the introduction of AMP6, and the need to maintain and refurbish structures within the water industry. The water industry continues to face major challenges with regard to factors such as managing environmental impact, meeting affordability targets and maintaining assets. In order to operate within… Read more

Basement Waterproofing in Manchester’s Busy Spinningfield’s District

Flexcrete products have been used for the waterproofing of a secant piled basement of a prestigious new office building currently under construction in Manchester’s busy Spinningfields district. The Cotton Building is due for completion in April 2016 and will comprise 160,000ft² of commercial office space and over 30,000ft² of public amenity space. Two basement levels… Read more

Green Roof Waterproofing Solutions in Hong Kong

With the increase of global awareness of environmental sustainability, Graham James of Flexcrete Technologies explores rise of green roofing, the advantages, and the importance of roof waterproofing in Hong Kong. As environmental sustainability becomes more of a concern globally, green roofing is proving increasingly popular in many countries due to its ecological, financial and aesthetic benefits. In… Read more

Flexcrete’s Concrete Coatings are Flying High at Heathrow

A Flexcrete solution has been chosen for one of the UK’s largest privately funded building projects – the construction of Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 2 building (T2A). The old Terminal 2 building has been demolished and the new ultra-modern Terminal 2 is due to open to passengers in 2014, eventually accommodating 20 million passengers annually. It… Read more

Concrete Waterproofing Products Even Withstand Hong Kong Typhoon

Flexcrete’s concrete waterproofing products were truly put to the test in Hong Kong, when shortly after completion of a green roof waterproofing project at the Australian International School in Kowloon, the roof effectively bore the full force of Typhoon Vicente, the strongest to hit Hong Kong since 1999. The school has an innovative green roof… Read more

Flexcrete’s Products are CPR Compliant

Declaration of Performance (DoP) The construction industry has recently undergone the most significant change for a decade in the way in which construction products are sold throughout Europe. From 1 July 2013, under the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR), it is mandatory for manufacturers to apply CE marking to any of their products which are… Read more