Project Location: RAF Leuchars, Fife

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Flexcrete's cementitious coating system specified for the waterproofing of 11 concrete hangar roofs totalling 2,000m² at major AirForce base.

Waterproofing of 11 concrete hangar roofs totalling 2,000m² at major AirForce base.


RAF Leuchars, based close to Dundee in Scotland, is the principal operational fighter station for the Royal Air Force and one of the busiest bases in Air Command.

RAF Leuchars plays a critical part in the defence of the UK and its territorial waters. It is planned to bring at least two new squadrons of the new European Typhoon Fighters to the base to replace the ageing Tornado, necessitating additional hangar space. As part of the upgrading of the existing facilities to accommodate them, it was decided to waterproof eleven of the concrete roofs.

The Solution

MOD term contractor Midland Industrial Flooring chose Cementitious Coating 851 to carry out the waterproofing work, as unlike the more traditional coating systems, it could be applied within the severe weather conditions expected during the winter months. Following sealing of the substrate with the Cemprotec EF Primer, cracks and joints were striped coated with Cemprotec Elastic and minor voids filled with Monolevel 844SP prior to waterproofing the surface with a single 2mm coat of Cementitious Coating 851.


Royal Air Force Defence Estates


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