Project Location: Midanki Dam, Syria

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Concrete Waterproofing on Dam Control Tower

Waterproofing of Concrete & Construction Joints on 6,000m² Control Tower


During construction of this dam on the Ifrin River in Northern Syria it was found that the concrete used in the Control Tower was weaker than originally specified and therefore more vulnerable to water ingress. Moreover, the construction joints were not watertight and urgent work was needed to rectify both problems before the dam could be completed and commissioned.

The Solution

It was decided that the best solution would be to re-waterproof the construction joints and treat the weak concrete simultaneously with a single, versatile product that could be sprayed over both. The brief called for a coating able to resist immersion in water at 7 bar pressure. Flexcrete’s Cemprotec Elastic far exceeded the requirements as the recommended 2 mm film is able to resist 10 bar water pressure. It is a cementitious modified, polymer rich coating which maintains its elastomeric properties even under immersed conditions and is ideally suited for concrete waterproofing and protecting structures exhibiting cracking where further movement can be expected.


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