Project Location: Weiser Wastewater Treatment Plant, Idaho, USA

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Waterproofing Concrete Tanks at Weiser Wastewater Treatment Plant

Waterproofing of concrete aeration basin and sealing of leaking kicker joints.


The aeration basin building at the Weiser Wastewater Plant consists of four inter-connected concrete tanks as well as the head works for the sewage treatment plant.

This part of the plant dates back to 1987 and consists of cast in-situ concrete. Despite several attempts to seal the kicker joint at the transition between the upper and lower wall, all have failed causing leakage and a potential contamination hazard.

The Solution

Following a successful trial over the kicker, Cemprotec Elastic was chosen to form a flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane to all internal faces because of its high impermeability to water, resistance to sewage and excellent crack bridging properties. Surfaces were sand blasted and pressure washed to remove contamination prior to bag rubbing with Monolevel FC to fill minor voids and cavities. A fillet of Monolite was laid at the wall/floor joint to ensure this critical area was sealed. Cemprotec Elastic was applied using a Graco Texspray GM1030 in 2 x 1mm coats with the first coat reinforced with Cemprotec Scrim in critical areas.


City of Weiser, Idaho, USA


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