Project Location: Kinderlee Mill, Chisworth, Derbyshire

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Waterproofing Concrete at Kinderlee Mill in Derbyshire

Waterproofing sub-structure concrete on new build development.


Balfour Homes is one of the North of England’s leading house builder. At its prestigious Kinderlee Mill Development at Chisworth in the Peak District, the magnificent stone built cotton mill, dating back to 1804, is being converted into a range of contemporary apartments and townhouses whilst still retaining the original appearance and character of this historic building.

A number of areas of the building are below ground level, resulting in water ingress which required waterproofing, particularly on ground slabs, retaining walls, balcony areas, etc prior to fitting out.

The Solution

Cementitious Coating 851 was used in the main building to waterproof the floor slab and also the internal block walls in the garages with surfaces first being levelled with Monolevel FC. On the balconies, Cemprotec Elastic was used due to its ability to cater for cracking and movement in the substrate. Tiefill was used to fill in the tie-holes in the retaining wall to the main building to give a watertight seal. Products are waterproof under 100m head of water and are easy to apply to damp substrates.


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