Project Location: Heugh Gun Battery, Hartlepool

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Structural Repair & Protection of Strategic Coastal Defence Structure

Comprehensive Repair & Protection for Stairways, Lintels & Command Post Roof


The Heugh Gun Battery dates back to Napoleonic time, with the current structure completed in 1860, and had its name cast into the history of the Great War by defending Hartlepool and the UK mainland from the East Coast Bombardment on 16 December 1914.

Located on the exposed ancient Hartlepool headland, like many coastal defences it had become dilapidated from continual pounding from the harsh marine environment. The Trust was set up in 2000 to restore the battery and effect the social and economic regeneration of the area by providing skills initiatives and employment opportunities.

The Solution

The Trust wanted products that would be easy to apply and maintain the originality of the structure. Fastfill, a rapid setting repair mortar, was chosen to repair the stairways whilst Monomix, a high build, polymer modified mortar was used for rendering and reprofiling of the lintels and other overhead surfaces. The command post roof was waterproofed with Cemprotec Elastic, an elastomeric cement modified polymer coating with 100% elongation.


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