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Cemprotec Clutch Filler

Mortar for Sealing the Surface Gap at the Interlock or Clutch between Piles Overview Cemprotec Clutch Filler is a uniquely formulated cementitious material for sealing the surface gap at the interlock or clutch between piles prior to the application of a Flexcrete cementitious anti-corrosion coating. Cemprotec Clutch Filler is a two component, water based, epoxy and cementitious… Read more

Cemprotec E942

Epoxy and Polymer Modified Cementitious Coating (EN 1504-02) Overview Cemprotec E942 incorporates the benefits of copolymer and epoxy resin technologies into a water based cementitious system to give a hard, durable coating with excellent resistance to water, chloride ions, oxygen and aggressive chemicals. Cemprotec E942 can be used as a stand-alone anti-corrosion coating for ferrous metals… Read more

Cure-Seal WB

Water Based Curing Compound & Clear Sealer (BBA) Overview Cure-Seal WB is a non-degrading acrylic resin sealer which forms a clear, elastic, durable matrix on the surface of cementitious substrates. When used as a curing membrane on Flexcrete mortars and coatings, it conforms to the requirements for water retention given in ASTM C309. It can… Read more

Cemprotec Edge Scrim

Glass Scrim for Reinforcing Cementitious Coatings over Edges Overview Cemprotec Edge Scrim is a flexible open textured glass scrim for reinforcing cementitious coatings over welds or on edges.

Cemprotec Scrim

Open Textured Glass Scrim for General Reinforcement of Cementitious Coatings & Renders Overview Cemprotec Scrim is a latex coated, open weave glass scrim designed for the reinforcement of Flexcrete cementitious mortars and coatings. It is available in two grades – standard Cemprotec Scrim and Cemprotec Edge Scrim. Standard Cemprotec Scrim is especially suited for general reinforcement over large areas of… Read more

Fastfill WP

Rapid Setting Water Plugging Mortar Overview Fastfill WP is a rapid setting, polymer modified cementitious water plugging mortar for arresting water seepage and infiltration under pressure through cracks, joints and voids in concrete and masonry. Fastfill WP can also be used for rapid sealing and jointing in and around pipework, or in water retaining structures. Fastfill WP is a single component,… Read more

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Corrosion Protection at Creekmoor Sheet Piles

Corrosion protection of steel piling totalling 480m². Background This project involved the maintenance of existing sheet piled walls in Holes Bay, Poole Harbour. Located within a coastal preservation site, the Borough of Poole and Balfour Beatty were seeking a long-term corrosion protection solution for a 480m² area of sheet piles situated in an inter-tidal stormwater culvert… Read more

Corrosion Protection at Flood Defence Barrier Refurbishment Project

Corrosion protection of steel piling on three sites. Background This project involved the refurbishment of flood defence barriers and sheet pile installations over three site locations in and around Canvey Island, Essex. These installations provide protection to the neighbouring areas of Canvey island, Benfleet and Pitsea with varying difficulties of access to facilitate the works… Read more

Concrete Repair & Protection for RIBA Award Winning Clubhouse

Repair, Waterproofing & Decorative Protection of Concrete & Steel Elements Background The Grade II* listed clubhouse at the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club in Burnham-on-Crouch dates back to 1931. This award-winning building was designed by Joseph Emberton, one of Britain’s most significant architects during the inter-war period and one of the first Englishmen to be considered a modernist architect. Although there was… Read more

Corrosion Protection for Wadebridge Estuary in Cornwall

Corrosion protection of sheet steel piles in a tidal environment. Background Straddling the River Camel on the North coast of Cornwall, the town of Wadebridge is the gateway to the picturesque Camel Trail. The bridge, after which the town takes its name, was built in 1460 and is reputedly built on foundations of wool. Steel sheet piles form a… Read more

Corrosion Protection of Old Leigh Sea Defences

Corrosion protection to sheet piles in a tidal zone. Background The picturesque old fishing village of Leigh on Sea is situated 30 miles east of London on the north bank of the Thames Estuary. With origins back to the Doomsday Book, it has a long history as a settlement dependent on the sea, and despite many changes, still has much… Read more

Corrosion Protection Coating for Steel Sheet Piling at West Bay

Corrosion protection of steel sheet piling in a tidal zone. Background Located between Dorchester and Lyme Regis, the West Bay harbour is constructed of Larssen sheet piles which are regularly under the assault of waves up to seven metres in height. The existing coal tar epoxy had almost completely eroded leading to wide spread rusting and the situation was… Read more

Corrosion Protection of Steel Sheet Piling at Brighton Marina

Corrosion protection of existing steel sheet piling suffering from ALWC. Background After 30 years’ exposure to salt spray and cyclical tidal immersion, the steel piled wall of the west quay at Brighton Marina was corroded to the extent that up to 60% of the section had been lost in some locations. An innovative and environmentally friendly solution to this problem… Read more

Corrosion Protection for Deal Pier in Kent

Corrosion protection of steel support structure and reinstatement of concrete encasement Background Designed by Sir W Halcrow & Partners, Deal fishing pier was built in the 1950’s and consists of a structural steel frame, supported on steel piles. Although part of the steelwork had been encased in concrete to provide corrosion protection, the whole structure was showing signs… Read more

Concrete Repair & Protection for Canal Bridges

Concrete Repair Solution for Concrete Bridges Suffering from Effects of Carbonation Background On five of the road bridges above the Shropshire Union Canal (Snapes, Pickerings, Wardle, Henhull & Cheney road bridges), inadequate concrete cover to the steel reinforcement had given rise to premature failure from the effects of carbonation. The Solution Following consultation with specialist contractor Gables… Read more

Cementitious Coating Chosen for Corrosion Protection of Steel

Corrosion protection of cast steel segments. Background Since construction in 1966, the cast steel segmental tunnel carrying the services beneath the entrance to Lowestoft harbour had become significantly corroded due to the leakage of both water and sewage. The Client sought a practical refurbishment solution which could be effectively executed in the confined and difficult… Read more