Project Location: Deal Pier, Kent

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Corrosion Protection for Deal Pier in Kent

Corrosion protection of steel support structure and reinstatement of concrete encasement


Designed by Sir W Halcrow & Partners, Deal fishing pier was built in the 1950’s and consists of a structural steel frame, supported on steel piles.

Although part of the steelwork had been encased in concrete to provide corrosion protection, the whole structure was showing signs of substantial deterioration requiring major renovation.

The Solution

In the tidal zone, Marine Mortar S was used to reinstate spalled concrete due to its excellent wash-out resistance. In all other areas Monomix was used because of its high build qualities. On the exposed steel sections, Cemprotec E942 was applied to the piers and support structure to prevent further chloride induced corrosion. Able to withstand early immersion, Cemprotec E942 has excellent resistance to impact and ater ingress and provides a total barrier against corrosion. Curing Membrane WB was applied as a sealer coat to all areas to assist water retention during the early stages of the curing process and to help improve wash-out resistance.


Dover District Council


John Martin Construction